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Schedules / Updated September Schedule
« on: August 22, 2023, 11:42:23 PM »
Hello Lovelies,
Due to popular demand I've extended my scheduled September tour.
I'll be at the ranch from September 8th to 17th and can't wait to make your dreams come true.

Get in touch via to start planning our delicious adventure.

See you soon!

Schedules / Let's have a Spring Fling
« on: April 05, 2023, 05:21:35 AM »
Spring has sprung and it's time for us to have some fun!
My spring dates at the Mustang Ranch are:
April 13th to 20th & May 4th to 11th

When shall we meet? Where should we go? What should we do?
Let's play! Contact me at and let's plan our adventure.

Can't wait to see you

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"How's it Hangin" / BLOG post: A Guide To Sensual Domination
« on: April 05, 2023, 05:07:48 AM »
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"How's it Hangin" / Re: The beautiful River
« on: March 18, 2023, 12:06:17 AM »
Wonderful pictures from a beautiful lady.

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Schedules / Mark your calendars!
« on: February 15, 2023, 12:46:28 AM »
Your favorite Brazilian Delight will be back at the Mustang Ranch pretty soon

I've finally set my return date to the World Famous Mustang Ranch.
I am happy to inform you that I'll be available for a week from March 23rd to 30th and am already taking appointments for this visit.
I am a low volume provider and my dance card has a tendency of getting booked up fast. If you would like to celebrate spring with me ,don't hesitate and contact me on ASAP so we can start planning our delicious rendezvous.

What shall we do?

The possibilities are endless. From mouthwatering lovemaking by the fireplace, to fun bubble baths, relaxing body massage, romantic dinner dates, enjoyable outdates in town to exploring all that Tahoe has to offer.
I am your safe port, the person you can be your true self with. Leave your troubles outside and come unwind and relax with me.
Would you like to know more about me, the experiences I offer and much more? Check out my website

Can't wait to make some memories with you...
Delightfully Yours,
Olivia Lush

"How's it Hangin" / The Gift That Keeps Giving
« on: November 20, 2022, 12:17:06 AM »

The holidays are my favorite time of the year and despite giving back during the entire year, I try to be extra generous when I believe families in need could use it the most.
This year I will be donating to charities 5% of my share of my parties and tips received at the Mustang Ranch in the month of December.
That means the more fun you have and more generous you are with me, the more generous I can be. That is literally the gift that keeps giving.
My last 2022 Mustang Ranch tour is from November 30th to December 7th and at this moment I have limited availability for this visit.
My schedule is from 2:00 pm to midnight and I can’t wait to make sure we get in Santa’s naughty list .
Please note that in 2023 I will resume my work schedule in the spring.

If you’ve already known me from before the pandemic, you are probably aware of my matching Christmas donation system.
My matching donation charity of choice this year is a nonprofit organization very close to my heart.

The Center provides legal help as well as food and temporary housing free of charge for domestic violence victims in Northern California. If you make a donation to The Center during the month of December and forward me a copy of the receipt to the email (No need to put my name on the receipt & you can cover your last name and address on the receipt before sending it to me, if you would like)
I will match your donation up to $100 per donation.
You are obviously encouraged to donate as much as you would like/can. I am just putting a cap on my matching limit per donation, so I can match all your donations.
Generosity is sexy and there’s no time like the holidays to spread it around.

Contact me on to schedule our pre-holidays rendezvous & end 2022 in a high note.
Your best Holiday treat is only one email away…
What are you waiting for?
I’ll take you to places you’ve never been before
Wishing you very Happy and Naughty Holidays
Delightfully Yours,
Olivia Lush


"How's it Hangin" / Re: Olivia Lush is Officially a Playboy Bunny!
« on: October 03, 2022, 06:36:49 PM »
Congrats. Wonderful photo
Thank you so much Luvtofish69!

"How's it Hangin" / Re: Olivia Lush is Officially a Playboy Bunny!
« on: September 16, 2022, 12:52:37 AM »
This is SOOOO AMAZING Mamasita, i am SO proud of you and you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL  :-*
XOXOX Madam Tara

Thank you so much for your kind words, Madam Tara. I always appreciate how supportive you are.

"How's it Hangin" / Re: The sex worker teaching TikTok about legal brothels
« on: September 12, 2022, 05:43:20 PM »
I love her Tik Tok videos! She is doing such a fabulous job informing "the outside world" about the legality of our work.
Go Dace!

"How's it Hangin" / Re: who's ready for fall
« on: September 12, 2022, 05:38:39 PM »
I am enjoying my vacation but certainly looking forward to returning to the ranch this fall to enjoy some cozy and naughty times with some dear lovers and new friends. Fall can be so much fun  in the hot tub, making love by the fireplace and so much more.

Johann and Cobia,  we'll be looking forward to welcoming you back when you are able to return to our very friendly arms.


"How's it Hangin" / Guess What
« on: September 08, 2022, 07:32:13 AM »
Your favorite Brazilian is on the cover of Playboy magazine again!

I couldn't be happier and I am so glad that I am able to share this amazing achievement with you
Let's fall in each other's arms and celebrate my 2nd Playboy cover on my Fall Mustang Ranch Tour from October 12th to 23rd

You can have a peak of what is waiting for you by getting Playboy virtual copy so you can carry me on your phone, tablet or computer's-Interest/
Reading my Playboy interview for free
PS: The pictures shown in the interview page are different than the ones in the magazine

Is October is too early for you? My other Mustang Ranch 2022 visits are:
November 3rd to 13th
November 30th to December 7th

If you would like to spend time with me but are not sure what you would like to do, you can find more information about the experiences I offer, see more than 100 pictures including my previous cover spreads for Playboy Norway & FHM Magazine Canada, my videos, blog posts, visiting dates and much more on my website

Contact me on and let's make some unforgettable memories.

Delightfully Yours,
Olivia Lush

Your Brazilian Playboy Bunny

Schedules / Olivia Lush' schedule for the rest of 2022
« on: August 11, 2022, 10:37:13 AM »

    Some of you have asked me for my future 2022 trips so you can plan our encounters ahead.
    Ask and you shall receive, my loves...

    • August 17th to 28th

      September -Vacation
      October 12th to 23rd

      November 3rd to 13th

      November 30th to December 7th

    Send me an email to before my dance card gets full and lets plan our rendezvous.

    You want me but you are not sure what you would like to do?

    Check out my website www.olivialush.comfor more information about this Brazilian Delight, the amazing experiences I offer, to see more than 100 mouthwatering pictures (including my spreads for FHM Magazine and Playboy) and much more. My website is always the best place to see any updated tour dates and the latest news about me.

    Can't wait to see you...

    Delightfully Yours,
    Olivia Lush

    Your Brazilian Playboy Bunny



    "How's it Hangin" / Olivia Lush is Officially a Playboy Bunny!
    « on: July 14, 2022, 06:47:10 AM »
    I am very happy to share with you my very first Playboy Cover! Yes, your favorite Brazilian is officially a Playboy Bunny!

    You can get your digital copy of the magazine  and carry me with you forever in your phone or tablet

    And you can read my interview and see some of the pictures for free by clicking the button below

    If you always dreamed of being with a Playmate, this is your chance. Come celebrate  with me and have the party of a lifetime on my next ranch visit from July 20th to 31st.

    Can't wait to make your dreams a delicious reality...

    Delightfully Yours,
    Olivia Lush

    Your Brazilian Playmate

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