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"How's it Hangin" / Too many dreams in my head about a special lady
« on: March 29, 2020, 05:18:54 AM »
I was hoping to spend some time around this time of the year.  However, things got crazy in the world and things changed so quick, I had to stay closer to home this time around.  Hopefully things will get better soon so that I can have some time away later on in the year (maybe around the time of the Rib Cook Off).

The last two years that I got up there, I had a great time with one special lady who knew what turned me on in a big way.  From the right style of music to the way that she melted my heart, I have many dreams about her.  That special lady is Leah.  Based on what I have seen on this forum, it feels like my special lady has moved on. 

It reminds of the country music video from Little Texas, "What Might Have Been".  It is a powerful story where a guy who was in a certain part of the world spent a night with a lady.  The guy had to go on with things that were going on in that area and they went their separate ways.  At the end of the video which was many years later, they saw each other again.  I hope that I get to see Leah in the near future instead of many years down the road.  Hopefully, I can post a link to the video in this message here:  If not, go to YouTube and type in Little Texas What Might Have Been to see the point I'm making here.

I think one question that may come up here is what did I see in Leah that got me going?  When it came to Leah, she is a natural beauty with no tattoos and if there are any piercing, they are in the ears only for earrings.  That is the ideal lady for me.  There were many times where we would look at each other and she would melt my heart in a special way.  Let's hope there is another opportunity for a special experience in the future.

One last thing that turns me on is that I love full back panties (like a bikini).  I love to feel the bottom of the bikini when I hold a lady close to me  It will be getting me closer to go all the way.

If I need to have a Plan B in the future, I hope there is another lady in the same way that I described above.

Hopefully all of you stay safe during this crazy time.  Maybe I can figure out a way to get up there later on in the year.

Way Off Topic / Posting Photos in a message
« on: March 31, 2019, 06:59:00 AM »
Does any know how to post photos in a message?  I like to send a photo in an e-mail message, but it uses the  codes.

I remember http coding from the past, but I have not used it since I was in college 20 years ago.

Any advice will be appreciate.

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / A great party with Leah
« on: March 27, 2019, 04:12:28 AM »
For the past year since I first met Leah, I have been having a lot of dreams about being with her again someday.  Well, that someday came up on my schedule.  There have been a lot of communications between us over the past year.  The one thing I appreciate about Leah is that she is flexible and we can always make a quick adjustment if the initial plans need to be changed.  We can talk to each other and appreciate the conversation that we have on various things in our lives.  The time we had together this year was great and something I will always remember when I dream about her.  I just wish we can have more time together.

I will say there are a lot things that we share in common.  I will not disclosure all of the details as those are between Leah and I.  Personally, I feel Leah has the heart of gold and she will always be the one I come back to as long as she is there.  I have seen an "Angel in My Eyes" when I think about Leah and she is the sweetest lady I have ever seen and been with in my life.

To Leah, in the words of Sammy Kershaw, "You are the Love of My Life".  I love being with you.  You know how to care for me.  You know what I like.  That means a lot to me as you really care for me and my life.  I love to continue to get to know you more so that our chemistry together grows into something beautiful that can be appreciated for years to come.  Thank you for a great time, there will be a third party sometime down the road.

Trip Summaries / Vacation Experience from a couple of weeks ago
« on: April 01, 2018, 07:35:04 AM »
A couple of weeks ago, I was on vacation and I decided to make a visit for an appointment with Leah.  Leah and I had been planning for a couple of months on what would be a dream show for me.  Leah reply to my post for a Dream Show that I posted back in December saying that she would be the perfect lady for me.

I thought I would arrive early on the night that I was to meet up with Leah so that I can be there in a timely matter.  The staff was very courtesy to me.  A couple of ladies came up to see me to see if things were okay and I explain the situation to both of ladies.  I want to thank the staff for making me feel comfortable so I waited for the time to come.

Then, when Leah walked into the bar area from the back, I thought she looked very attractive, very classy, and very professional in my eyes.  A great conversation took place in the bar; then, we decided to head back to her room.

In the room, Leah gave me an experience that I will always remember. She made my dream show a realty right down  to the T including the music that was playing in the backgroud..  I was the show that I had in my minds.  Leah knows how to make me feel special.  I loved every minute that I was with her.

Right now, I am hoping to plan the next show for the future.

In the end, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

General Discussion / Dream Show for me
« on: November 26, 2017, 07:14:56 AM »
I had made a few trips out to the Ranch in the past.  I thought I would share my dream show for me and hopefully it can be done the next time that I get out there.  I don't know when it will be, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

My biggest turn on for me is a tight short skirt as if I'm with a very sexy secretary in the office.  If there is a zipper in the back of the skirt, that will be a great thing for me to reach for the zipper and unzip the skirt to expose the panty. I love bare legs when I see a sexy lady in a short skirt.  That gets me going.  When the secretary gets up close to me, I want to look up her skirt and see a sexy full back panty on.  It can be from two piece bikini swimsuit.  I love to see my secretary in a sexy bra and panty set.  I love to feel the panty when my hands are running up and down her body.

My favorite colors are: dark green, gold, (my school colors), dark purple, red, and dark blue.  If I can see a flower and/or a pattern on the bra and panty, that will be a turn on, too.

The lady I would like to be with is someone who is like the girl next door; a natural beauty with no tattoos.  Piercing are limited to the ears if possible for a sexy pair of earrings. I like to have a sexy blonde, but a brunette is acceptable.  I like to be able to kiss the belly button and kiss the breasts.  When we have our clothes off, that is when I will be like a boss and rock the sexy secretary's world.

I hope for that dream to true for me someday as I have a couple of ladies in mind that I would like to meet.

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