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One Bigfoot, Two Ladies, and Three Great Parties

During my visits to the Mustang I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of wonderful ladies but I would like to tell you about my first encounter with two of them.  Those two ladies are Lena Starr and Tori.  Both ladies were at the Mustang last year during my birthday trip. Sadly, every time that week I was at the ranch, they were busy.

With Tori, this became a bad habit on numerous trips tell last Fall when I finally got to meet this gorgeous brunette.  I was impressed that after introducing myself, Tori actually remembered my messages to her on my birthday and expressed how she was disappointed it didn't work out.  I was partied out that evening so we agreed to the next time we meet to book a party.  That time was the next night when I walked into the Mustang, saw Tori at the bar and quickly walked, more like ran, to the bar stool next to her.  Tori met me with a smile and a hug and I knew I soon would not forget that night.  Tori is as wonderful in the bedroom as she is out of it.  The party was great and went by way too quickly.

Christmas came early, when that winter I finally got to meet the beautiful Lena Starr.  Sadly Lena had a party scheduled that evening so she just had time to talk.  We wound up having a very engaging and pleasant conversation that I enjoyed and made me want to get to know this lovely lady more intimately.  I had to leave that next morning but I just couldn't stand waiting any longer to get this amazing blonde into my arms.  I scheduled a party with her at the end of her shift early the next morning before my flight.  This was one of the best decision I've ever made because in the bedroom Lena is a wonder to behold.  Staying true to her name, during the party I saw starrs and felt like I was in heaven.

Fast forward to this year and another birthday trip.  While harassing the ladies on the Mustang Forum before my trip, these crafty vixens turned the tables on me.  Lena and Tori started harassing me into not just partying with them again but doing it as a two girl party.  Being only a mere mortal and no match for these two goddesses, I caved and set up an appointment.  Being an experienced dancer, Lena started the party by treating Tori and me to a exotic pole dance to get everyone in the mood.  Things quickly moved to the bed where Tori and Lena combined their sexual energy and gave me a birthday party I will never forget.

In conclusion, if you ever miss out on that special lady you had your eye on at the Mustang, just remember good things come to those who wait.  I'm glad I was patient and finally got the privilege to party with these two wonderful women.

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / The Amazing Jesslyn
« on: March 10, 2018, 11:01:23 PM »
Now here's a little story I've got to tell
It takes place at a ranch that you know so well

I saw a girl as I walked in
She told me her name was Jesslyn

I was taken aback by her charm and beauty
And did I mention she had one fine booty

She was young and quite fit
She had long legs that wouldn't quit

Her hair was tied up in what they call a messy bun
As we talked I knew I was in for some fun

She had pretty eyes and dark flawless skin
Her personality showed she also had a beauty within

She put my nerves at ease as we talked awhile
She would light up the room whenever she would smile

Even though outside there was a flurrying snow
She said she was sizzling hot and ready to go

A Gentleman doesn't kiss and tell
But she made my shaft as hard as a barbell

She had a great energy and passion
She's the type of girl that will never go out of fashion

That day she showed me her young age was just a number
She rocked my world, wore me out, almost into a slumber

Jesslyn you made my day
If I was a teacher I would give you an A

I use to stay home alone drinking gin
But now I go to the Mustang and party with Jesslyn

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