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Guess whos legs these are and you'll recieve a VIP dance!!!!!


Prospector Bob:

--- Quote from: chuckar chaser on June 02, 2014, 01:30:23 AM ---You are correct about the squeeze  down of photo's. My first thought was Alexia then I talked myself out of it in the picture with them all together. That could just be camera angle though.
Is somebody going to give us a hint here LOL.

--- End quote ---

I'm wondering that myself...

Prospector Bob:

--- Quote from: chuckar chaser on May 31, 2014, 01:11:03 PM ---I hope you are correct Prospector Bob. Those legs just don't look long enough to reach Alexia's ass. You know her better than I do though.LOL.

--- End quote ---

You really can't tell how long or tall an object is in a photo. Most photos posted on the internet squeeze down images. For instance, there was a Lady I was interested in seeing because of her presence on the internet. In her posted photos she looked short & kinda thick but when I met her in person I found she was actually tall & thin.

I still think those legs are Alexia's for the above reason. She is taller than the other Ladies even with the squeezing down.

If I'm wrong... no problem. I've been wrong before...  ::)

Prospector Bob:
After eyeballing this pic a few more times I have some additional guesses.

On the far left is Alexia & the Lady next to her is Brooklyn. The Lady on the far right is Stevie Ray & the Lady next to her is... still haven't figured that out.  :-\


Prospector Bob:
The legs on the far left belong to Alexia. The others, I haven't a clue.



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