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Cool on the chat but don't go pulling your hair out. You don't want to do that!!! It takes how ever long it takes. We all have been in that situation where something should take 5 minutes but insteaded it takes 5 days.

I agree too! The site will have a chat section soon..... ;)

I'm still working on the email's!!! Fuck! I could pull my hair out!!! >:(

The emails are all set up BUT something was set up wrong POP account DNS something blah!!!

It's been taking so long that I had Lance listen to the conversation, so he could hear from the horses

mouth that it's not me!!! A little bit was me........ Now were waiting for the POP3, DNS, (I can't remember all the lingo) to propagate. It could take 24 hours!

Thank you all for being so patience!

Thank you


--- Quote from: Bob on March 31, 2013, 10:17:08 PM ---
    I  remember the old forum way back had a chat feature.Put the chat feature back and have a set weekly time when the

    guys and the Mustang ladies can chat here.

--- End quote ---

I agree with having the chat feature returned to the forum!  :)

If your talking about the one that was in place when they started the radio show. I thought that was because they couldn't make it work at ranch. I could get on it & talk to people but I couldn't talk to anyone at ranch. It started out good & something happen to it. I remember talking to Phoenix, Riley, Sara Feye, & a few others. I liked it & was sad it went away.

Michael j.:
Feel free to correct my recollection, but it seems like the last chat room was discontinued for lack of use.


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