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--- Quote from: Hamster Mark on April 11, 2015, 08:44:46 PM ---I gather that the folks at this brothel don't much like discussing other brothels, but I can't help but compare the web site for the Mustang Ranch to some of those for competitors. (Hint: One is in Mound House, and it's been featured in an HBO TV show.)

When I click on Ladies, I see the photos and names of the ladies, as well as a some at the bottom with generic images serving as placeholders. (Picture Not Available)

If I were to suggest improvements, I'd suggest:

1.) List the women in alphabetical order, sorted by name.
2.) Get rid of the placeholders, which really serve no purpose. Some of them DO lead to reviews, so I assume that those are pages for real women; but I have to wonder why there are no photos or statistics for those women.

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Just wanted to chime in that at the BR it is done by sales. Better sales the higher up you are in the list. How do you get parties if you are new? It is hard because you are at the bottom. I love the random page. We all get a chance.


--- Quote from: Hamster Mark on May 18, 2015, 08:25:36 AM ---
--- Quote from: Emma on April 15, 2015, 06:52:25 AM ---Hi Mark,

Thank you for your input!  Mel basically covered all the bases on why we have the website set up the way we do.  We also try to keep ladies who are in house rotating towards the top of the Ladies section so that anyone visiting the website looking for who's working can see those ladies pictures without having to search.  As for the ladies who don't have pictures, aside from the handful of ladies who choose to not be pictured on the website in any capacity, keep in mind that we get brand new ladies in every single week (anywhere from 5-15 girls per week!) and we try to get them photographed as soon as possible.  We appreciate your feedback.  xoxo Emma

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OK, that' understandable to some extent, but what is harder to understand is the fact that some pages lack answers to the questions that are posed there. http://www.mustangranchbrothel.com/ladies.php?sid=eeb28b4a3709da00877dd24d73140186 is such a web page. There are interesting questions, but NO ANSWERS:

What's the favorite place on your body?

Do you do threesomes?
Do you kiss?

Do you do anal?
Are you submissive, dominant or both?
What's your favorite sexual position?
Describe a sexy, enticing, come and get me party:

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Ahh yes.  Always a work in progress!  We are constantly receiving bio info from new ladies and sending it off to be added to the website.  Like I said, some ladies just prefer to not have anything about themselves on the website.  Which is completely understandable!  But, for the most part, the biggest thing to remember is that we hire at LEAST a handful of new girls every single week.  We do our best to get them photographed and their bio up as soon as possible.  Please bare with us.  Thank you again!  xoxo Emma

Just Tom:
what i find ironic is the call for 'new' organization come from a guy named 'Hamster'...dude you should have seen some of the other websites we suffered through

Thanks phe phe

Yes ;)


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