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pleasure menu


 ;D huh Jen  ??? ....not sure wut you are sorry about sistergirl but i was thinking of a hands on pleasure menu actually you know kinda like a wine tasting or entree sampling.. :o  ;D


Sorry for the long delay but I will work on this.

Thank you

good thinking I do that quite often with the real Pleasure muenues yet I would like to try your suggestion also  ;)  :D

Michael j.:
The ranch should print out paper copies of the pleasure menu and hand them out to parties as a souvenir. The store could offer a version bound in leather, like the menu of a high-class restaurant.

Jenifer can you blow up the pleasure menu bigger so it can be read  easier Please. Can we print it out & blow it up ourselfs along with the food menu.

Thank You!!!!!

Happy 4th of July


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