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"Forum" button in the menu column does not work today


Sometimes it's just computers in general which freeze up and they must be rebooted...

Madam Tara:
Jeniffer is on it!!! Thank you Jenif :-*fer you ROCK!
xoxo Tara

Well, The forum and lineup buttons have moved back to the top, and the Forum button works again.  Thank you for the quick action.


I usually go to the Mustang Ranch Home Page to look at the latest Ladies' pictures before proceeding to the Forum. I go to the Forum simply by clicking the "Forum" button in the menu column on the left side of the Home page. But today, the "Forum" button didn't work. Fortunately, I saved a separate "Forum" bookmark when the entire Menu column disappeared back on July third (refer to the "Menu on the front page has disappeared" thread). That is how I got on to the Forum just now, so I could send this message.

I note that the "Lineup" and "Forum" buttons have been moved to the bottom of the menu column. That may be the source of the problem.



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