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--- Quote from: coralin on April 05, 2013, 12:39:42 AM ---How to easily fix the forum post order in your Forum profile.

Hover your mouse cursor over the Profile entry in the different Options bar above (Home is highlighted), click on the Forum Profile selection.
In the Forum Profile, hover your mouse cursor over the Modify Profile entry, click on Look and Layout.
One of the checkbox options is Show most recent posts at the top... uncheck the box.  It should set your forum to read in the order you want, with the most recent post of the thread at the bottom.
Click the Change profile button on the bottom of the page to save it.   Ta-da!

--- End quote ---

It seems that as each person posts, the post should go to the end of the journal instead of the beginning...This way the thoughts are read from the earliest to the latest instead of the reverse as it is now...This would make it easier to follow each person's line of thinking..Just my thought, managers of Mustang need not agree...I'm also a member of an entertainer's world wide movie star's fan club and it's done the way I  :)suggest....

huggy squeezes  :-*  :D  ;D  :)

YEAH.....I am up for a hug from Jennifer !!

You name the time & the place & maybe we all can get together & give you that group hug.

Take Care.


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