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To be truthful it is very busy here and it might take some time to get pics up. You guys know me and that I am not full of %$#$, so if you are interested and want to know more let me know. We have a lot of new ladies so there is something for everyone.

Hey guys!
I understand the constructive criticism, however lots of the ladies that you are mentioning still do work at the ranch!
Some of them will return for appointments only, while others work a consistent schedule, every lady is different.
If there is a lady in particular that you want to see, its best to book appointments to ensure she will be here at the same time as you  ;)

Montana and Haley also.

Michael j.:
Marilyn is long gone too.

And, in the spirit of "Constructive Criticism" , why don't we take down the pictures of ladies that have been gone for months or years and aren't expected to return any time soon. The ones that I know are gone are Belle and Phoenix. The pictures are there for prospective visitors to peruse. Why have pictures of ladies that there is no chance of meeting in person ?

I'm just sayin'.



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