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Then the intercom breaks in

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Kristina Marie:
This topic is getting me excited.  I haven't partaken in any food fetishes lately...the spa room in the Conforte room would be great too. 
Velvet, i want to join next time ☺😘😘

This would be amazing, and the dungeon would be the perfect place. Gem Stoned, Crystal and I got in a slutty mess in there with a red velvet cake last month.❤️ I've definitely had some XXXperiences in my kitchen at home w the whipped cream too

Is it crazy that I've never done any kind of a dessert party yet? I think it would be fun though! Whipped cream, chocolate....maybe some strawberries.

So there I was..chocolate syrup all over my titties 🤣😅 lol who knows what Iím referring to 😅
Havenít had this kind of sweet experience either ...hint hint 😉

Lol good one :)


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