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Re: Ayana's Updated 68 F.A.Q. Pt.1
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  Its great  2  C   U  back around here Pearl Pleaser.
      We can always count on  U  2 keep us
                 abreast about

                   A Y A N A

          Keep up  the  good  work

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Re: Ayana's Updated 68 F.A.Q. Pt.1
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Great post!  Thanks for sharing
Delightfully Yours,
Olivia Lush

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Re: Ayana's Updated 68 F.A.Q. Pt.1
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I screenshotted all these answers because Ayana is a role model 💕💕💕💕
♥♥♥ Lena Starr


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Ayana's Updated 69 F.A.Q. Pt.1
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69 F.A.Q.’s About....


1)   Why isn’t this called 70 F.A.Q.’s about Ayana?

Well, get to know me and you'll find out quickly it's my favorite number for obvious reasons. ;)

2) Who is Ayana?

I’m a warm, classy individual who has multiple layers of my sensuality and my personality for you to discover. I luv to indulge in the essence of you so we can both share and heighten our levels of ecstasy!!! Online, I'm a lady of few words, but up close and personal the intimacy I provide you can be romantic or kinky, that's really up to you. Once we're behind closed doors, the tigress comes out - rowrrr! 

3) There is an intriguing air of mystery surrounding you.  Tell me a bit about yourself.

I'm a soft-spoken, friendly and hospitable Texas Southern Belle who is 5’8” 34 DD with hypnotic greyish brown eyes and an alluring and mouthwatering hourglass figure. I have soft, sensuous curves in all the right places. I have more than enough to keep your hands, lips and mouth completely preoccupied and your tongue tied - or tied up - however you prefer it, lol  ;D

I love to be adventurous and spontaneous -- both inside and outside -- the boudoir.

4) And your ethnicity?

I'm a playful calienté combination of Black bombshell and Hispanic hedonist: sugar and spice!!! And like M&Ms, I can melt in your mouth and in your hands!

5)  What is your educational background?

I majored in psychology with a minor in sociology, and worked with special needs children and adults for many years before I became a courtesan.

6) What are your turn-ons?

Someone who is kind with a sense of humor; one that takes care of his or her body by smelling delicious, and someone who is naughty, passionate, honest, open-minded and that melts into my hot chocolate.   ;D

7)  And your turn-offs?

Anyone who is rude and disrespectful – whether it’s to me or anyone else.

8]  So what exactly is the Mustang Ranch and The Wild Horse Saloon?

It's a full-service legal brothel operated by Madam Tara and Madam Jennifer, open 24-7 and located in Sparks, Nevada. Sparks is less than 10 minutes from Reno.

9) If I wanted to fly there, is there a nearby airport? 

Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The ranch is approximately a 20-minute drive from there.


10). How do I get there if I don't want to rent a car?

We have a private discreet car that can pick up from the airport or hotel. We also have a friendly relationship with a number of local taxi drivers who will happily bring you to us.

11)  What's it like at the Mustang Ranch and Wild Horse Saloon?

It’s a relaxed, no-pressure environment. You just come on in. If you want a lineup, you can request a lineup. Or you can just hang around with a bunch of beautiful women. It’s very relaxed. If you don’t want a lineup, a lady can come to you. Or you can come to a lady you like and converse with her and go from there.

12) Is accommodation available?

My private bedroom suite is available - hint hint   ;) ;D

We can indulge in our fullest passion before we go to sleep, and wake up in the morning for more passionate playfulness before breakfast, or we can have breakfast in bed and I can be your platter.   :)

We could also stay overnight together in one of our 10 bungalow suites that contains all the bells and whistles, wake up in each other's arms and do it all over again! Some of the themes include  our Asian/orgy room, and you can just imagine why we call it that.

We have a Hawaiian suite, an Italian suite with a Kama Sutra chair, the Wet suite -- which includes a sauna to get us all hot, wet and steamy --  and the Princess suite, which offers a double head shower, so you can enjoy whip cream parties and chocolate syrup, two girls, your golden showers, anything your little heart desires.  And each suite includes a jacuzzi tub that can fit from two to eight people, if you're in the mood for an orgy party :)

I should mention that our facilities are wheelchair accessible, so we cater to each and every client’s needs.

13) How long have you been at the Mustang and the Wild Horse Saloon?

I’ve been cumming constantly at the Ranch for over six years.

14) Is Mustang the only place I can find you?

Yes – I am exclusively available at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada, one of the few places where prostitution is legal. If you want to take me on an outdate with the guarantee that we stay within Nevada borders, you still have to procure me at and through The Mustang. You cannot book me anywhere else, which works out better for you, the client, because the Mustang serves as a safe and legal haven for both of us to express our sexuality.

15) So you're good with outdates?

Yes, but only through the Mustang Ranch. Outdates can be loads of fun! I love to get off campus and let loose, and once I'm off  campus, let me warn you, I tend to get frisky!  I'm still waiting for an opportunity to explore Reno and Lake Tahoe, among other places. I need a handy guide that's knows his  or her directions.  You know - in, out, up, down! Lol!

16) Where do you reside when you’re not working?

The Great Lone Star state of Texas. But you can only book me when I am working -- at the Mustang Ranch in Sparks.

17) Are you single?

I am single and ready to mingle with those who make me tingle!  8) ;) ;D

18) Have you done any porn?

No. I have made some private sex tapes. But I'm more than qualified to help you realize your porn star fantasies, as I have done for many  ;)
You should see me in lingerie… 
;) ;)

19) What are some of your hobbies or favourite activities outside your life  at the Mustang?

I enjoy reading, jogging, cycling, movies, and just lounging outdoors, catching rays around my pool.

20) How about favourite foods?

I'm pretty worldly in my tastes. I love any foods that are exotic -Thai, Indo-Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, French, Italian, American, Japanese and good authentic Mexican top my list, but they have to be vegetarian friendly! 

However, during playtime, it can vary -- chocolate syrup, whipped cream -- it's all good, as long as they're spreadable…and lickable

21) Do you accept clients of all races and nationalities?

Is there any reason I shouldn't? Life is too short to not indulge in the many flavours of the world. Men, women, couples, pink, blue green -- I like having fun with anyone I can.
I'm an equal-opportunity courtesan - I like to get everybody off!

22) I've never been with a woman of color or an exotic Ebony before. Would this concern you?

Not at all!  Many clients tell me that I'm their first woman of colour, and that I’ve helped fulfill their lifelong fantasy. It gives me great pleasure to help them cross something off their bucket list, and the reward is seeing them walk away with a smile and tell me that they can’t wait to see me again on their next trip.

23) What if I'm a virgin?

There's a first time for everything, and I'd be honored to give you one of the most pleasurable and unforgettable nights of your life. I'm very patient, very caring and will take very good care of you. You don't need to feel nervous with me, baby. Your party will include private lessons on romance, lovemaking, touching and how to make the ladies melt in your arms. It will be an amazing experience you'll never forget or regret….I promise. 

24) I have a disability, erectile difficulties or special medical needs. Can you work with that?

Consider us sex therapists. Yes, I can I have clients that require special requests. I'm here to accommodate you and let you not leave away unhappy. I will do everything in my power to guarantee that happens. We want to give you the best experience here at the Wild Horse and Mustang Saloons, no matter who you are or whatever your situation happens to be.

25) Does size matter?

You’d be surprised how frequently I’m asked this question. The answer is “no” -- the size of your attitude is more important to me than the size of Mr. Friendly. It's really about how you make me feel with what you've been gifted with, the motion of the ocean, so to speak. And if you're nervous, or if this is your first time, let me be your guide. I'm sure you'll have me purring in no time ;D ;D ;D

26) Do you accept female clients?

Women are absolutely delightful - the essence of beauty in their body and their softness. I love women, and wish more would come around to play with me!   :D

27). Are you really bisexual or Is it just pay for play?

I am fully bi and proud of it. I believe in being true to who I am, and I love both men and women.

28) What about couples?

Absolutely! I have had some of my wildest, most memorable parties with married couples.

29) Do you have any rules with regard to married couples?

You have to be cautious with couples because you don't want a night of fun to put any strain on their relationship. It's really good for a couple to have rules or boundaries, and I always recommend that they let me know what they are so I can respect them. Their relationship is the priority, and since the fun we have is temporary, it's important that they still have that relationship when they leave here after our fun time together.

In these married couple parties, the lady is the priority - she is going to make the final decision as to how far we all go. I communicate with -- and take my cues from -- her.

30) I want to do this for my significant other. Can I set something up?

Of course! It happens all the time. What better gift to give a cherished lover? I honor any boundaries you set for our experience, and I’ll go to any lengths to make sure you both are comfortable and pleased.

31) What type of behavior do you prefer from your gentlemen and female clientele?

I'm an old-fashioned type of girl that believes in chivalry. I also love being totally swept off my feet by a Gentleman / Lady that knows how to treat a girl like a princess.  :D

32) What are your hours and when are you available?

I usually work 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. with Wednesdays off, but I will adjust my schedule around yours for later and overnight parties, dependent also on my client’s schedule and appointments. My hours shift on the weekends. I'm generally available at the Mustang for three to four weeks per month, with an occasional day off, but check my profile signature for updates regarding specific days I will be at the Mustang. And my hours are flexible if you make an appointment.  I recommend that you call 775-353-1224 for further and updated info.

33) You accept appointments?


It's the best way to ensure that I will be available when you're here. If you have dates in mind, I will do my best to line up my schedule accordingly. In some cases, a small refundable deposit – the amount is totally at your discretion -- may be necessary to secure and guarantee our time together. Clients usually typically deposit 10% of their “Mustang Ranch Babe Budget." This is a gesture of good faith that allows me to remove myself from booking any other clients during our desired time together and reserve myself exclusively for you. I want to make sure I'm available to greet you with a hug and a kiss when you arrive.
:) :) :)
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