Ayana's Updated 69 F.A.Q. Pt.2 with added Wishlist (#63)

Started by pearl pleaser, May 15, 2019, 05:33 AM

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pearl pleaser

69 F.A.Q.'s About....


34)  Can I send you a PM or give you a call?

Yes! You can either send a PM to me or give me a call at 775-343-1224 ask for me!

35)  Do you enjoy what you do?

Do I!!! I absolutely love and adore sex, and being a courtesan allows me to both indulge in one of my major life passions and sustain a living. And when I'm not making love with or to someone, I often lay in bed, thinking naughty thoughts unknown ;)

36) Do you kiss during parties?

I love to kiss, but I'm very selective due to hygiene and health concerns. I extend that protection to my clients, so it's a case-by-case basis. I basically reserve it for my GFE – or Girlfriend Experience – parties. 💋

37)  How about touching?

I'm an extremely passionate person that loves to be caressed. Every part of my body is an erogenous zone, so if you have magic fingers, I'm game;D

38)  Do you have any limits during a party?

In the bedroom, I like to explore and have no limitations. I think that when you limit yourself, you may be missing out on some really special moments. But it's always good to ask during the time we are together.

39) I hear you are really tuned into your lovers.

I'm a great listener. I pay attention to even the small details of what someone says to me, and what they don't say to me, and figure out what's going on. But my main focus during an Ayana party is always you, and how I can make your time with me the most pleasurable, sensuous and enjoyable experience you've ever had.

40) Speaking of time, are you strictly by the clock?

I'm very generous with time. I offer a relaxed, very sensual, very memorable party.

41) Do you speak Greek or do anal?

I reserve that for my very special parties, usually with clients that I've previously partied with.

42) What's on your sexual party menu that I can choose from?

Make sure you come with a sweet tooth, because I have many candy treats for you to choose from. Some of my favorites from the menu include Overnight, Outdates, Girlfriend Experience, Fantasy, Two Girl-Three Girl, Jacuzzi, Fetish Domination and many, many more that you'll have to come in and see or experience for yourself. ;)

43) Do you ever climax in your parties?

Hell Yes! Why should you be the only one having funnn? 😂

44) How many times do you usually climax during a party?

I honestly never keep track. If I'm cumming constantly and feeling fantastic, I let my kitty purr to her heart's content! I don't believe in unnecessary restrictions. 

45) What is your favorite position?

I love cowgirl because this is the Mustang and I love to ride! I also like getting it from behind while you grip my luscious hips. I  really enjoy many different Kama Sutra Positions, but I have not yet climaxed to all of them.

Perhaps it's something we can work on together?

46)  Are you into Domination?

Yes! Get ready for a Texas spanking! Lol! I like to get pretty naughty! 😈

47)  Do you like fetish parties?

I love them! I want you to feel comfortable with revealing yourself and your innermost desires to me. We can put both our dirty minds together to have some fun and get each other off.

48)  Are you willing to tap into my wildest fantasy with strap-on and role-play?

You bet! I can be anyone you want me to be, and treat you anyway that you want to be treated. All that I ask, when it comes to role play, that you contact me ahead of time with sufficient notice, because if there's a costume I need to order for our party, I want to make sure it's ready in time for our get together.

49) Are you a squirter?

Yes, for that special someone. Is it you?  ;)

50) Do you allow pictures to be taken before, during or after parties? And what about filming?

Photos are permitted in certain conditions. If you wish to take one in a public area, you must get permission from everyone involved in the shot, due to privacy issues. If someone refuses, you can't take their picture.

If you wish to take a picture of a lady in the privacy of her boudoir, that is something you must discuss and negotiate with her. A gratuity is appreciated.

51) Can we bring another lady into our party?

Yes! You can choose the other lady or, if you prefer, I can select someone with whom I have established chemistry and whom I know is truly into ladies. This is making sure that every part of your naughtiest fantasy is fulfilled.

52) Can I bring another client into our party for a threesome?

Most certainly! However, if the party involves two or more male clients, house rules dictate a second lady must accompany in order for everyone's safety and protection. Whether or not she participates is up to you.

53) What about health concerns? Is there any kind of testing you have to undergo?

All  courtesans working legally in the state of Nevada are tested weekly for a wide assortment of sexually transmitted diseases. The testing process is state-regulated and mandatory; I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't. We are cleared by the state before we are allowed to engage clients in any way.

54)  What about other precautions?

I visually inspect clients for obvious signs of STDs. In addition to that, of course, condoms are used during all activities. A variety of sizes, sensitivities and colors are provided by me for your use. Further precautions may be taken on a case-by-case basis. I take your health, and mine, very seriously.

55)  How often does STD transmission occur in brothels?

I encourage you to do your own research. I did. And it's a documented fact that in more than 30 years of state record keeping, not a single incident of STD transmission has occurred in a legal brothel in Nevada. Not one!

Again, you're astronomically safer here than in your neighborhood meat market.

56) You seem very down to earth.

Thank you.  I'm not only down to earth but I'm very easy to talk to. And as I mentioned before, I'm a great listener!

57)  So, how much does an Ayana party cost?

While it is illegal to quote prices over the Internet, please be reassured that I  will cater any of my party options to your needs. All my parties are reasonable, negotiable and affordable. I won't let you leave without getting what you want at a price you can afford. I'm flexible on price and am open to do anything you like.

58) Are you an expensive party?

I can be both high-end and economical. I have many parties that to cater different budgets. My top priority is to make your time with me the very best you deserve and something ultimately memorable, no matter how much time we spend together.

59) What if I'm a veteran or a college student.  Do you offer discounts?

Absolutely!  :D
Myself and the other ladies here truly appreciate you and your service to our country.

And if you're a student, what better place to learn? And what better subject to learn about?  ;)

60) Say we're both having fun and we get hungry during our playtime. Is there somewhere close we can go to eat?

I'm so proud to say that we have a critically acclaimed restaurant and steakhouse. We welcome the public in general, and it's also available for clients and the ladies they enjoy spending time with. Exotic ladies aren't the only thing on the menu:  the food is fantastic, prepped by a four-star chef! You definitely need to check us out.

And trust me when I say - the food is impeccable!!! 

61) Is it true that you split the proceeds of your parties with the Mustang Ranch?

Yes. Each lady that works at the Mustang or the Wild Horse are independent contractors. We have a business partnership with the premises that works in the interest of both parties. In exchange for the split, they provide a safe and comfortable environment for you, the client, and us, to have healthy fun. As independent contractor, we are responsible for our own expenses, medical, licenses, taxes, etc...just in case you were wondering.

62) Is billing discreet?

You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, debit card, cashier's check, travelers checks, COM check, and cash. We also accept American Express. Any purchases you make at the Mustang/Wild Horse Saloon are 100% discreet and identified as something much more generic . Rest assured, your playtime will be 100% non-traceable.

63) Should I procure a gift or tip?

Tips are appreciated. We ladies love surprises, so surprise me! 


If you wish to go the gift route, some of the things I love that are on my wishlist are:
Chanel Bleu perfume
Hermes 24K perfume
Victoria Secret gift card
Boot Barn gift card
Sephora gift card
Atlantis Spa Day
Nordstrom gift card
Jewelry from the Mustang Ranch Jewelry Chest
David Yurman Jewelry
Godiva Chocolates
Fine wine
Chanel Allure
Dior Addict

Any gesture is affectionately appreciated and welcomed!

64) And if I wanted to give or donate something your name to charity or a non-profit?

I would love that equally. Just please provide proof of your generosity - and thank you very much!!!

65) Once I become a client,  would it be possible for you to call me? And would you send me naked pics of yourself if I request them?

If the chemistry is there, yes. I correspond regularly with a number of clients. I prefer my clients to be not only my lover, but a friend. unknown_1.gif
For the clients that I've partied with who are repeat customers, I'm willing to satisfy that desire. 

66)  The other ladies have a lot of accolades. Why have I not heard as much about you?

I'm still  a diamond in the rough in terms of those who are still discovering me. I was always taught to be discrete, for both the protection of our clients and ourselves, so I don't boast too much. What I can tell you is that any time that we spend together, you won't forget anytime soon. 😉 😉 😉

67) Do you have any reviews?

There have been a few reviews provided in the Forum by some of my dearest clients, like Gus, Redwood, Ethereal and pearl pleaser, but I'm still working up the nerve to ask people to post reviews. All part of that learning-to-be-discrete thing. However, I know pearl pleaser told me that if he were to rate my parties out of 10, he'd give me a 20 out of 10! Lol!

68) Are there any film clips available of you?

Yes, on my profile page. Follow the link below...


69) Will I ever be filmed without my knowledge?

Absolutely not!!!

Filming –  for security purposes -- takes place in the common areas at the Mustang Ranch or the Wild Horse Saloon: NOT IN THE ROOMS!

Your privacy -- and in fact, my privacy -- is sacred, and even what happens in my bedroom between us is private.

The only time an outside party listens in is during our negotiation that occurs in my bedroom before we party. The cashier listens to verify our agreement, and payment is made before we enjoy one another. Both the establishment and myself go to great lengths to protect you, our client. We wouldn't  be in business very long if we didn't. So what happens at the Mustang and the Wild Horse STAY at the Mustang and the Wild Horse 😉😀


So there are your 69 F.A.Q.'s about Ayana. Just remember, from the moment you walk in the door,  we treat you like the king or queen you deserve to be, with genuine warmth and hospitality. 

Now, all that is left is for you to take a trip to see me, Ayana, so we can answer explore our favorite number together!


 Part 2  resposne

  Its great  2  C   U  back around here Pearl Pleaser.
      We can always count on  U  2 keep us
                 abreast about

                   A Y A N A

   Keep  up  the  Good  work Pearl Pleaser.



I normally don't post here but I gotta say everyone owe's it to themselves to spend some time with Ayana!  Hands down the best companion I have had the pleasure of spending time with, she is amazing in every way and she is the only one that keeps popping up in my dreams when I think about the Mustang.


Well stated Driver, and I totally agree. Ayana is indeed a special lady!

pearl pleaser

Ayana is nothing short of sensational. Her touch is a combination of magic and lightning, and that incredible body of hers....ooh la la!

pearl pleaser




pearl pleaser

Just putting this Goddess front and center because she deserves it.... :)

pearl pleaser

An updated wishlist for the Goddess Ayana has been added to her F.A.Q.

Please check out question #63  ;)


So, Ayana, what kind of music do you like? (this is important, please be honest)

pearl pleaser

Just a note about Ayana's hours...

She's available six days a week, 1 p.m. to 1 a.m., with Wednesdays slotted to be her day of rest. However, she is available for appointments on Wednesday if needed or desired.

Call 775-353-1224  for further info or book her at the site below:


pearl pleaser

Make it a November to remember with Ayana, your caramel Goddess! :)

pearl pleaser




Talk about a wild ride!!!


Quote from: pearl pleaser on Dec 10, 2019, 03:33 AM



Talk about a wild ride!!!

I remember seeing her take those pictures that day – they turned out so good!!! Very sexy
♥♥♥ Lena Starr



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