Ayana's Updated 69 F.A.Q. Pt.2 with added Wishlist (#63)

Started by pearl pleaser, May 15, 2019, 05:33 AM

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Hot Hot Hot, love these new pics of Ayana on horseback!  :)

pearl pleaser

The weekend cometh...so should you...with AYANA! 8) 8) 8)

pearl pleaser


is always on my mind...


New Question to Add.

Why is Ayana so awesome?

Because she's a badass!
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pearl pleaser

Please join me in congratulating 2019 Courtesan of the Year nominee Ayana!!!

pearl pleaser

Missing the exquisite Ayana during this pandemic, as I'm sure many of you are missing your favorites...

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Bumping this because Ayana is brilliant and is always in my thoughts...

pearl pleaser

Announcing that the alluring Ayana Austin is now available at the Mustang Ranch on an escort-outdate only capacity**!


**- pony not provided.  ;)

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Now that May 1st is here and the Mustang has reopened...

One of the best is back!

For the ultimate in passionate parties, all you need is Ayana!

Sensuality personified! ;)

Book her today for the time and ride of your life!

pearl pleaser

Heat up your summer with the only and only Ayana...still as sexy and beautiful since...well..forever :D

pearl pleaser

Ayana is as awesome as August  and her birthday is coming up.... :)

pearl pleaser