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Visit with Betty Page

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Betty Page:
Oh my gosh Iím blushing! You guys are so very sweet and thank you so very much! I want another party with you Iíll pronto! LOL! I love being passionate with people and kissing and touching and taking my time with clothes wonderful friends! Please let me know if thereís anything else that you guys would like to see from me, or like me to do?
 ;D :-* ;)

I met Betty earlier this week and partied with her twice. I just can't wait for next time. She is so cute and sexy and smart and funny and skillful that she just blew me away. 

Betty is back at Mustang as of September 16 and will be there at least through October 4. Don't miss the opportunity to see this gorgeous, funny, sexy lady!

I gotta stop in and see Betty again... it's been a couple of years.   ;)

Michael j.:
If some of you haven't seen it before, the film "The Notorious Betty Page" starring Gretchen Moll is well worth seeing.


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