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Blair Lexington - First date GFE

Started by Adventure Guy, Mar 08, 2020, 01:31 AM

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Adventure Guy

Party #1

I noticed Blair while she was working at a different ranch.  So while I had communicated with her on Twitter and hoped to meet her she let me know she was possibly going to work at a different ranch.  So after receiving confirmation that she was going to Mustang, I stayed in contact with her to figure out a good time to meet up with her.  The pictures I had seen of her didn't show her face so I wasn't exactly sure what she was going to look like.  But as I was in the bar area at the time we had previously scheduled she walked toward me and was very beautiful along with her sexy outfit and heels.  She gave me a nice hug and then we sat down to get to know each other better.  After a good amount of time it felt like we had connection/chemistry so we went to another room.  After a quick negotiation we went to her room.

My party with Blair was outstanding - passionate, sexy and fun!  After our party we went back to the bar and had some more great conversation.  I then ordered some dinner and both Blair and I had some food.  After dinner there was live music from the same duo I heard from my prior trip.  So Blair and I then enjoyed some drinks and some great music.  After awhile I needed to head out so after one last hug from Blair I left the ranch.

ps - apologize for this second posting but not sure which section (trip summaries or MR resort experience reviews) one should post reviews to