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Mustang Ranch Weekly Lineup thru December 15th

Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Dec 09, 2022, 01:16 AM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

Alyx    9A-9P
Brittney De Luca   9A-9P
Dace    9A-9P
Fawn   9A-9P
Phoenix   9A-9P
Piper   9A-9P
Rachel Varga   9A-7P
Venus   9A-9P
Vivian   9A-9P
Ayana   1P-1A
Casey   3P-3A
Precious   3P-3A
Samantha   3P-3A
Shasta   3P-3A
Chelsea London   9P-9A
Fera    9A-9P
Kristina Marie   9P-9A
Leah    9P-9A
Missy   9P-9A
Natasha   9P-9A
Rea     9P-9A
Sophia   9P-9A
Vera Bliss   9P-9A


Couple of quick observations.

1. I'm sure she is probably an amazing lady.  But the name Precious sounds like a spoiled cat, or one of those little yipper dogs that you would accidentally trip over because they are so small.😉😄

2. It is nice to see Rea back in the lineup I booked with her way back when she first started at Mustang.  She was the first one to greet me the night I booked with her. She asked me what time it was I had to guess since I haven't had a working watch since 2013.

She later complained about it being cold in there. Well duh pretty lady if I was walking around in the bar half naked in December I would be cold too.😉  I did give into to her female charms shortly after that she was fun, and props to her for getting me behind the green door on a night I was ready to leave without booking. I took a almost 2 year hiatus from booking after that night.  Rea wore me out that night
I thought she was gonna break the thing. It took me 2 years too recover. That was just a quicky. Imagine what would have happened if I had been able to afford a longer party that night.🤣🤣