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Started by SixT9er, Feb 17, 2023, 05:37 AM

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Wondering how long before a review I posted on the Ladies page takes to get posted there?
I've got a Review of Rachel & Samantha waiting in the que.

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I assume you are talking about her profile.  Last time I did one. I think it was almost 6 weeks.

My guess is it probably depends on how much of a backlog. The person who has to read them for approval has to go through before approving yours.

If any of you Mustang management types read this.  I don't have a problem with you having to read them, and approve them.  I wouldn't bother writing one unless I was going to write a nice one.  What I don't like is the process for submitting a review to the ladies profile.  It is rather cumbersome, and you can't even really fix your typos before submitting it for approval.  I remember one of the older formats maybe around 2019.🤔  It was a much easier process, and you could kinda fix your typos before hitting the submit button.

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Let me look into this for you. Standby  :-*