My Introduction to Rachel Varga

Started by Southerner, May 12, 2023, 01:21 PM

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A couple of years ago, when I was relatively new to the Mustang Ranch, a lady suggested 2 other ladies who would be a good match for me. One of those ladies was Rachel Varga. However, I was hesitant to contact her since I felt that she was "way out of my league". Several months later, I summoned up the courage to approach her and found such a charming and understanding lady. On my next visit I arranged to have a short party with her, and she has been a regular companion since then. Everything that she said on her MR bio is true, although I don't know about the unsuccessful gardening. She is smart, funny, wonderful in bed and she always looks out for me so that I don't get into too much trouble on my own. Rachel is my choice for induction into the Hall of Fame and I hope that everyone else has the same feelings.


Good report. 

There are several out of my league.
I ain't askin no body for nothing if I can't get it on my own
So if you don't like the way I am livin then leave this long haired country boy alone !!


It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.


Thank you for the review. I'm glad you approached me. I do hear that sometimes from guys, that they felt I was out of their league, but I'm very open to different kinds of guys. Thank you for the vote of confidence in the hall of fame voting!
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You made the right call approaching Rachel! Always a Great party with this incredible Lady!
Over 100 & counting!
As For HOF she shouldn't even need to be voted in.
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Thanks for sharing your experience with Rachel. I have never had the privilege of meeting her, and quite honestly I would feel the same way you did. My visits to the Mustang are not frequent, and the last time I went was on a weekend morning. Not exactly the best time to go apparently. Perhaps I'll get to meet her next week while I'm on vacation for a couple of days. Glad you had an incredible experience!