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My trip to the Mustang - part three

Started by clevelandbrowns01, Jul 13, 2014, 06:29 AM

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Woke up at 6 AM and got ready to go. I had wanted to be there at 7 AM right when the morning shift started. After some procrastination and delays, I didn't make it there until about 8.00.  After all my planning, I'd forgotten to write down directions!  I knew it was just out Interstate 80 but knew there wouldn't be any signs.  I don't have a smart phone so no help there.  No phone book in my hotel room. I had no way to figure it out. So I drove out interstate 80 for awhile and tried the Mustang exit. I thought that must be it - alas there was nothing around.  I get back on the freeway and figured I'll go a little further. If it's not the next exit or two - I'll turn around and call it quits.  I tried the next exit and saw a sign for Wild Horse Canyon Drive!  After some meandering and a wrong turn on the frontage road - I'd finally found it!  After all that, there was no way I could chicken out.  I really wasn't super nervous though my actions probably speak otherwise. I had already convinced myself that if I didn't go through with it - I'd get home and really be mad at myself. After all, it's a fairly natural act. Many have been at the Mustang Ranch before and many will be there after me - what's to worry about?


I rang the brothel buzzer which was answered and they brought me back to the bar area. That's where the ladies were.  I should have went in that door - no problem.  Since I hadn't gotten the schedule, I didn't know who'd be there. As I recall, there were four ladies sitting around.  I did recognize Erica Lauren sitting up by the outside door talking to a couple people.  She was the only one that I recognized from the pictures!  I don't believe that any of the others that I saw had pictures taken at that point.   All that research and this would result in a completely spontaneous decision.  I bought a water and was approached by the beautiful Rosa.  The rest was history.... We talked a bit and then went to a small room. There the negotiation was handled as well as the check. For newcomers, the check is literally nothing to worry about. Just something that has to be done.