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My trip to the Mustang - part one

Started by clevelandbrowns01, Jul 13, 2014, 06:26 AM

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A few weeks ago, I made my first visit to your fine establishment and figured I would post some thoughts.  I'd received a fair amount of good information when I asked questions awhile back. Again, thanks to everyone that responded both publicly and privately. So consider this my attempt of helping out the next new person that might have alot of questions etc.  Hopefully, some of my story either helps the next person or at least provide a couple laughs...For ease of posting - it's broken up into sections.


I had been to Las Vegas many times and Reno twice prior to last year. I had never seriously considered going to an establishment.  I love to bet sports and am usually very busy with that when I'm in Nevada. Any other free time is usually taken up by other gambling, drinking, time with friends etc. 

Prior to last year's Reno trip, I hadn't fully realized that the legalized brothels were much closer to the Reno metro area than the Southern Nevada legal brothels are to Las Vegas. The southern Nevada establishments aren't very convenient when driving in from Southern California either which I've done a few times. Thus, I'd never really seriously considered doing it.  However, the idea of a short drive instead of a 1.5 hour one way drive started convincing me. I would have some free independent time on that trip as well. Thus, I researched some Northern Nevada establishments a bit but didn't really pursue it any further. I was having trouble deciding which one to go to and had a lot of questions about the process. Anyway, I knew we were probably coming back again in 2014 so I'd gather more information before the next trip.

After that trip was concluded, I immediately regretted not having pursued it further and decided I wouldn't chicken out on the 2014 trip.  Things started falling into place when Mustang bought the rival establishment that I was considering. The decision of which establishment to patronize was much easier. I did research a couple others, but the Mustang was now my main candidate. The Mustang's informative website and this forum really helped clinch my decision.  I'd gotten good feedback on the important question of cash versus credit card. Virtually everyone said just use cash.