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My trip to the Mustang - part four

Started by clevelandbrowns01, Jul 13, 2014, 06:30 AM

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Due to brothel worker / client confidentiality, I'm not going to detail the specifics of the encounter. A little legal humor there... Needless to say, Rosa is very beautiful, sexy, and nice. And now Rosa's pictures are up! One thing I did regret is not having a bit better idea on specifically how I wanted to spend the time with Rosa.  I had tried to plan much of this but hadn't really thought about those details.  While this was a few weeks ago, it's taken me awhile to put my thoughts together.  I kind of was waiting for Rosa's pictures to be uploaded as well. She had told me they were being taken within the next couple of weeks after I was with her. We had talked about much of what I've written here as well.

As I was driving back to Reno, I thought a little about what had just occurred. I came up with some perplexing questions:
   1.    Why are brothels illegal in much of the United States? It makes no sense to me. Unfortunately, we're probably lucky it's legal  in the few Nevada counties that it is legal in. I doubt we'll see legalization elsewhere in the USA in any of our lifetimes.  Yet, traditional strip clubs are legal in all major cities.

   2.    I once knew a girl who told me she could get "laid" whenever she wanted. She was actually not very attractive or anything. And she wasn't bragging or anything - merely just observing the discrepancy between males and females. Believe me, it's not like that for a lot of guys - myself included. At some point, shouldn't society recognize this disparity and consider more legalization?

   3.    Why were these female friends of mine so negative towards the industry?  They talk way more graphically and frequently  about sex in normal conversation than I do.

      If I went out to a restaurant and spent money buying drinks and dinner for a girl I didn't know well - and then went home with her. They'd likely give me all kinds of props. The main difference is this way I actually get to pick a girl I want to be with    (rather than whichever one I'd somehow be able to persuade) and for sure get the desired end result. What the hell's wrong with that?

The Mustang Ranch is far more classy than any normal strip club I've been in. Rosa asked me when I was leaving when I would be back. I said I didn't know and I still don't.  One thing I do know is that I'll not bother going to strip clubs at home anymore and save the money for a trip to the Mustang Ranch the next time I'm in the Reno area.


Nice report, you sound just like the rest of us. Although you write too well compared to us.  The second visit will be easier. 

As for your questions, we have all asked the very same ones at some point in time ourselves.

Brothels are illegal in most of the country because we were founded by the Puritans and still have some of the puritan values.

Yes, ladies of even average looks or with minor personality defects can get laid when ever and where ever they chose.  Just how it has been and how it is.

Our female friends hate the industry because they lose the power of holding sex over us. 
The family jewels should be handled by professionals not drunken amateurs.


This is weird. It's almost an exact copy of my first trip, except for the names. I was able to find the exit okay, but starting with that first stop sign, I made so many wrong turns, that I almost ran out of gas. You wouldn't think that a winding dirt road at night would present such a challenge. The only reason I kept at it, is because I saw the red christmas lights from the highway, and knew it couldn't stay hidden for too long.

The comments about the legality and general attitude about prostitution ring fairly true. Women in most societies have never been viewed as equals, and barely so in the recent past, but were considered property, or "chattel", who could not even inherit property if their "husband" died first. The practice is still strongly supported in the attitudes about marriage and weddings (ever watch "Bridezillas"?), and the illusion perpetuated that the female is a prize and not a partner. I think I'll quit here before I forget I'm in polite company.

Thanks for the report, and I'm glad you weren't disappointed. I've not visited any of the other houses in Nevada, so I can't make a comparison, but the MR is close to where I live, and I don't see that as a bad thing. Just a convenience for me.