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My trip to the Mustang - part two

Started by clevelandbrowns01, Jul 13, 2014, 06:28 AM

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I set the trip up specifically to arrive in Reno a day prior to my friends. The trip to the brothel wasn't really anyone's business but my own.  Then at a social gathering last winter, the brothel topic and this trip came up!  Even though they were mostly joking around, the conversation was mostly directed at me - the chronically single guy with no girlfriend.  Anyway, the wives of my friends were aghast and judgmental.   I thought to myself this is insane. Judgmental people are my biggest pet peeve anyway.  Most of these same women have cheated on their husbands / boyfriends and still party like they are 22 years old. Who the hell were they to judge the legal behavior of someone else?  One of the woman mentioned knowing someone that had went to a legal brothel and didn't like the experience.  I assumed that was BS... 

The key argument that I wanted to make was that this is a safe, secure, and legal endeavour in certain parts of Nevada. I never would try it illegally. Way too many possible problems.  However, I kept my mouth completely shut during these conversations. I had already been planning to go and these uninformed people wouldn't convince me otherwise.


Important questions still remained. Should I try to make an appointment and if so with which lady?   Thus, in typical nerd fashion, I began evaluating the website pictures and the information posted about the ladies. It got overwhelming, so I created a spreadsheet with the key information about each lady.  This was a time consuming process.  I felt more comfortable with the idea of an appointment rather than being spontaneous. However, what if my travel agenda went late?   What if the price she wanted was more than I could handle?  And yes, what if she didn't look as good as the pictures or what if I saw someone else when I got there that I'd rather be with?  Others in the forum had told me to just go out to the ranch without an appointment.  Maya too posted that was the way to go - I was convinced not to go with an appointment.  Have to admit I was worried that w/out an appointment that I'd just go with the first lady that approached me.  (This ended up happening but it went well)

Another thing I hadn't really thought of is - which ladies would actually be available at the time I would be there? I began watching the schedules just to see how many ladies were there at a given time. I realized then that I had overplanned this venture.  I likely wouldn't know which ladies would be there until shortly before I'd be heading out there myself.  While, I knew I could call for the list of available ladies -  I decided to just wing it. Maybe I just wanted to keep giving myself the option to back out at the last minute which I couldn't do with an appointment. 

I would arrive in town around 1:00 pm on a Friday after a long day of travel.  The friends wouldn't start arriving until about noon the following day.  Plenty of time right?  Alas, I was really tired and not feeling that well when I got to Reno. I had left home very early that morning. Plus, there was a game I wanted to watch that night. While I knew that on a weekend night - a lot more ladies would be at the ranch.  I also thought the choice might be a bit easier in the morning with a few less ladies there. I didn't necessarily want the stereotypical "lineup" anyway.  Honestly, it had been a long time for me. I figured any of the ladies would treat me well and all were attractive.  It really is just a matter of personal preferences. Also, I thought it might be more expensive on a weekend night rather than an early weekend morning. Thus, I decided to pack it in and went to bed immediately after the game was over. I would wake up early and head out to the MR then. 


You created a spreadsheet? Why didn't I think of that? Oh man...


He is not the only one who uses a spread sheet.
The family jewels should be handled by professionals not drunken amateurs.


Now I'm confused. Is this a spreadsheet like in a computer, or a spread sheet on a bed?


The family jewels should be handled by professionals not drunken amateurs.

Just Tom

Quote from: shooter on Jul 15, 2014, 01:36 PM

some of these computer spread sheets are really complex,with annotated cells, hidden formulas and it takes up about half the hard drive memory...then there is the little black book

and then there is my system, a pile of post-it notes in a desk drawer
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