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Started by Grimy, Apr 12, 2013, 06:04 PM

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Did you hear about the dude with 5 dicks?His pants fit like a glove


I bet that smarts if he gets it hung on something.



I heard one on radio that was good. This truck drive picks up this guy hitch hicking. He dosen't get 5 miles down the road he pulls a gun on him. He steels the truck drivers money, clothes, & truck . He takes the truck driver into the woods ties his hands to his ankles. It takes the truck driver a hour to get back out to the road. The driver for carolina freight sees him & asked Harry what happen. He tells him your not going to believe it I was robed. He took my money, My clothes, & my truck . The guy from carolina freight says Harry this just isn't your day as he is climbing down out of his rig & unzipping his pants.


Both are these are really funny and to Hard to resist :)
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