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Scarlet - fantastic GFE Feb 20, 2019

Started by Adventure Guy, Feb 25, 2019, 12:43 AM

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Adventure Guy

It has been over 1.5 years since I had been at the Mustang Ranch but wanted to come back for another visit.  Checking out the website, Scarlet was one of the ladies that caught my eye.  Since I knew I would be in the area, I had PM'd Scarlet and she replied back and let me know she was going to be around.  Once I got to Mustang Ranch I went to the bar/lounge area and got a drink from the bartender.  I asked if Scarlet was around and the bartender mentioned he thought Scarlet was not here but would check.  After waiting a few minutes Tara came over to me and mentioned Scarlet had a late night and needed time to get ready but to go ahead and have lunch and it would be on the house.  I thanked Tara and also introduced myself to her since I had not met her before.  After placing my order and receiving my lunch, Scarlet came in to meet me and gave me a nice hug.  Wow - she was very beautiful and she has some amazing legs.  She then sat down with me and we had some great lunch conversation on various topics including hobbies/interests.  After I finished lunch (great food - had the MR burger) she then gave me a tour of the place since it was awhile since my last time there and wanted to see if anything had changed.  She showed me the dungeon room which included a cage and various whips, chains, etc. - definitely interesting though I personally probably won't have party in there.  After going through a quick negotiation we then went to her room to have our party.

My party with Scarlet was fantastic - passionate, sexy and fun.  Once we got dressed we walked out to the lounge area and she gave me one last nice hug before I left. 

ps - apologize for this second posting but not sure which section (trip summaries or MR resort experience reviews) one should post reviews to