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Friday in May at Exit 28

Started by B-team010, Jun 18, 2019, 01:40 AM

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Had the chance to skip work on a Friday last month & play at Exit 28.

Strolled into the bar early in the morning. As expected it was super quiet but some ladies were around. I had the chance to meet and have great conversations with Holly & Asia. Both are super sexy women and great conversationalists. I'll have to party with them in the future!

After a big breakfast, I had the chance to party with the famous Rachel Varga. What an amazing experience!! (Review posted in Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review section).

On the way out, still reeling from a mind-blowing hour with Rachel, I met Vanessa. Vanessa is an insanely hot Latina with a flawless body, sexy smile, and approachable personality. I was totally exhausted (in a great way) after my party with Rachel so I couldn't party that day with Vanessa. But, I definitely want to see her on my next trip to the Ranch.

A quick - but very successful - stop at Exit 28. Can't wait to party there next month!