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Amazing Weekend at Exit 28

Started by B-team010, Jul 30, 2019, 02:40 AM

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What an incredible weekend at the Wild Horse Saloon/Mustang Ranch!

I managed to make my way to Exit 28 on both Friday & Saturday nights. Had the chance to meet some sexy new ladies, mingle with some past lovers, and party with two exceptional women.

On both nights, I did my usual: I strolled into the Wild Horse Saloon, had a drink or two, took my time, did my rounds to meet/greet the ladies, and then went behind the Green Door for some real fun.

I met, for the first time, Paige, Caleesi, Luna, and Jasmine. Paige is very new to MR (was on Day 5 of her first tour). She's an exceptionally hot blonde and manages to perfectly blend sex appeal with cuteness in her look. She's also very sweet & fun. I sure hope to see her on a later tour. Caleesi was also hot and fun to talk to. Caleesi & I didn't get the chance to talk very much - the bar started getting busy - so I'll have to make sure I make time to chat her up next time we're both in town. And then there's Luna & Jasmine... OMFG, they are both amazing! I partied with Luna on Friday & Jasmine on Saturday. Read the reviews... Trust me, they're soooooooooooooo worth getting to know!

Luna Review:

Jasmine Review:

I also got the chance to talk with Holly again. This was actually my second time having great conversation with Holly at the bar... But I haven't partied with her yet. This must change immediately! Holly is drop-dead gorgeous, has the most amazing, tall, slender (with big natural breasts), sexy body, and is also one of the coolest chicks I've ever talked with. I need to make a "mid-year resolution" (is that a thing?) to party with her.

I met up with past lovers Latina and Madison. Latina looks better than ever with her exotic sexiness and is also a truly sweet person... Not to mention a sex kitten in bed! And Madison is one of my favorite courtesans ever! I partied with her back in the summer of 2017 - she gives INCREDIBLE blowjobs - but our schedules haven't aligned since then. It was great catching up with her... I'll have to watch her schedule closely to party with her again.

It was a long, tiring drive back home... But 100% worth it! And, the best part is that I'll be making the trip next Saturday as well!

I hope to meet more ladies, reconnect with past lovers, hang out with some fellow mongers (who will be in town?), and - of course - have some amazing parties next week!