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Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Sep 11, 2019, 08:09 PM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

I had a great time with Caleesi a while back and want to write a past due review. I've partied with Caleesi a few times and feel like I'm with a long-time friend when I'm with her. She always has a  smile and hugs for me when I show up at Mustang. I have to smile every time I think about her. She's smart, fun, mischievous, and knows the words to every song ever written. I don't think Caleesi would be one to back down from a challenge, so you might think about what you ask for. We party like friends, so there's never been any rough play. I'd be careful about what I asked for though if I thought I wanted a pounding. She's not very big, but neither is a wildcat. I gave her a challenge once, and she went for it with determination and gusto. The last party, I told her just do whatever you want. She did, and she wore me out. By the way, THANK YOU Caleesi......... Do yourself a favor and take a trip behind the green door with Caleesi. You won't be disappointed. I love her!

Donnie 2019-08-26