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LPIN Awards Donation Requests

Started by firefighter, Jul 11, 2023, 02:58 PM

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The LPIN awards committee would like to thank those people who donated to LPIN Awards at the awards banquet.  Those contributions reduced the deficit by fifty percent.  However, the LPIN Awards treasury balance is still $600 in the red after awards banquet donations.  LPIN Awards committee members contribute, but LPIN Awards expenses have increased dramatically.  It costs between $1800 and $2000 to fund the awards presentations including six Crystal Art Awards, nineteen framed certificates and operation expenses.  It will be necessary to eliminate Crystal Awards and present framed certificates only to LPIN 2023 Awards contest finalists and winners providing necessary funds are not available.  Therefore, the awards committee requests donations for continued coordination of the awards contests and presentation of Courtesan of the Year, Brothel of the Year, Rural Brothel of the Year, and Hall of Fame awards.  Please email for donation instructions.  Thank you in advance for your anticipated generosity to enable LPIN Awards to continue the contests.

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I would suggest that the 60 people who will be getting their ticket reimbursed donate 1/2 their refund to the awards fund. This would be a win win. 1/2 price tickets & the awards fund gets $1800

I also suggest that only 3 Crystal trophies be given

Lastly only 4 framed certificates for the COY finalist the rest unframed an independent message board dedicated to LPIN where clients and Courtesans can interact