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Vera Bliss

Started by The Dave N, Feb 05, 2020, 03:37 PM

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The Dave N

I've seen her videos and was really excited to meet her when I noticed she was working at the ranch. I never been with a pornstar before, let alone one of my favorites. Time to cross that of my bucket list. When I noticed her sitting in the lobby she looked great: just as good as in her videos. She looked so cute: nice and slim young lady with her platinum blonde hair. I had a great time with her she filled all my requests and then some. She truly stands out by being both very hot and very accommodating and giving the party her all. Sometimes working ladies that are very attractive don't give the best parties and just rely on their looks. She has the best of both worlds. I would definitely repeat. It was one of my best splurges.


Vera Bliss

Awhh I'm one of your faves?!❤️ I'm so happy that you don't just think I'm a pretty face and that you enjoyed every minute of our time together! I always try to go above and beyond expectations and be more than meets the eye.