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Melena - Celebrating the New Year GFE

Started by Adventure Guy, Jan 18, 2020, 11:36 PM

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Adventure Guy

3rd party - 1/11/20

Although Melena is new to Mustang I've had the privilege of partying with her 2 prior times when she was at another ranch last year.  So when Melena let me know she was starting at Mustang we quickly figured out a day and time to meet up. 

After entering the bar area I got a seat and wasn't sitting for more than a few minutes when Melena came out and saw me.  She gave a short happy scream (and an awesome smile) once she saw me and then gave me a nice hug.  She looked simply as beautiful and gorgeous as I had seen her before.  After I got us a couple of drinks we toasted on her new ranch and also had some great conversation in catching up since I last saw her.  I was also pleasantly surprised that Mustang had live music going on.  The live music definitely helped with creating a great vibe.  After some great conversation Melena asked if I wanted to share some dessert with her so I said sure.  So after she checked with the chef (desserts change I think each day) we ended up ordering and sharing the Kaluha ice cream cake.  It was definitely a great dessert and something new I tried there.  Melena likes pole dancing as well so after dessert she went to the pole, took off her top, and spent a few minutes doing a very sexy topless pole dance.  Wow, she looked really sexy doing the pole dance while the live music was going on.  Once she got her top back on she came back to me and gave me another hug.  I complimented her on pole dancing as that is something she has had prior experience in but I have not had a chance to see before.  After some more great conversation she took me to the other room so we could take care of business.  Negotiations went very quick so after that it was off to her room for our party.

My party with Melena was outstanding - passionate, sensual and fun!  She is also a great cuddler too. 

ps - apologize for this second posting but not sure which section (trip summaries or MR resort experience reviews) one should post reviews to