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Caroline Peach

Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Mar 05, 2020, 07:17 PM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

I recently had the extreme pleasure to spend an amazing evening with Caroline. We had exchanged some emails to work out a few details, and I knew that she was going to be more incredible in person than I could imagine.

When the day finally came, I entered the ranch, and she was there to greet me. I got a huge hug and an amazing smile and a very enthusiastic "It's great to see you..." I could hardly believe my eyes. She looks beautiful in her photos, but in person, she is gorgeous. Way beyond cute, she is quite stunning. My heart was already starting to pound, thinking about what was coming. She took me by the hand and led me to the back section of the ranch and led me on a nice tour of the facility. It's a really nice place with a lot of theme suits and a great pool and hot tub.

After our tour, we took care of a few formalities then went back to one of the rooms. I was so excited, but also a little nervous at being with such a beautiful girl. I think she could sense my nerves and immediately set me at ease. We ordered some room service and had a mimosa and talked for a bit. Let me tell you, this girl may look like a doll, but she has the brain of a scientist. We talked about a range of things, from aerospace to DNA! And on every subject, she was great to talk to. Before long, I was at ease and was really starting to long for her touch. She is very empathetic, so almost before I could think about it, she was doing it. She wrapped me in an embrace, and we began to get to know each other on a more intimate level. Oh god!! She is incredible!! She took me to places I had only dreamed about!! When the lights are low, she knows how to please!! And she was so eager! Her only focus was my happiness and pleasure, and man did she deliver!! It was breathtaking, literally.

Once I was able to think again, she led me out to the hot tub, and we sat just soaking it in. What a perfect moment it was sitting in a hot tub, under the stars with an amazingly beautiful woman sitting on my lap, kissing me and stroking my (OK Well You get the idea). Before long, we went back into the room, and she led me to places I didn't know existed!!
What an amazing night. My only complaint was that it ended too soon.
Gents, do yourselves a favor and go see this girl!! You won't regret it.

Brad 2020-02-20