What happened ever to ____ ? a case of Missing Courtesans

Started by Slayer, Dec 30, 2020, 04:22 PM

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Whatever happened to  ASIA ?


Ladies just move on but never count them out as many return after extended absences
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Michael j.

Toy.  A lady who was working at my first visit to what was then the Wild Horse Canyon Ranch.  A petite Asian gal.  Not much up front, but an ass that gave new meaning to Doggy Style.
Michael J.

Madam Tara

Asia will be back, this past year has been a hard one on a ton of ladies, and she will be back soon XO Tara
Madam Tara XO


What ever happened to Bella Sophia ?  My first 5 parties.
I ain't askin no body for nothing if I can't get it on my own
So if you don't like the way I am livin then leave this long haired country boy alone !!


It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.

Michael j.

 Toy?  My first party at the then-new Wild Horse Canyon Ranch.  And what happened to Brazilian jade?
Michael J.


I put my dick inside her!



Quote from: Slayer on Dec 11, 2021, 04:05 PM

whole profile is gone    :'(

Given her choice of stage name you never know she might rise up.from the ashes and be reborn.😃

Seriously though profiles disappear off the sight al the time and one day suddenly reappear.  My point there the ladies profile page being viewable us not always a good indication of the ladies status.  There are profiles on the site of ladies that were MIA long before the pandemic.


Quote from: dickinsider on Sep 07, 2021, 05:09 AM

I liked her she was Sassy!  But that girl really knew her way around a mattress.😎 I think I booked with her 6 times.  Not at all surprised she left a lasting impression on you.

She went MIA before the Pandemic shut Mustang down. For almost a year.

She is probably off on a spirt quest or something like that. She may never return, but it wouldn't totally surprise me either if she were to return at some point.