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Wild woman Phoenix

Started by caveman, Mar 31, 2013, 11:09 PM

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It started with me getting a few things before arriving at ranch. Phoenix greeted me with her beautiful smile & asking if I wanted something to eat which she was running around taking care of that & getting ready. We started our party. With me strenghted out over a table by pool at old Mustang side & a rope tieing me to the gate. Phoenix proceeded to rip my clothes off & than she took this piece of plexi glass & beat my a*s. She had it nice & cherry red. We went into the last room on that side. She layed me down on the bed with my head hanging off & backed up on my face. She was rocking her body back & forth making sure each cheek got a turn on my face. Than she had me move up on bed. Where she teased me some more with her well shaped body. Grabbing me ,touching me, coreessing me, & just getting me over heated. Than starting to work my rocket first her mouth & than her body. I moaned & screamed out as she rode me hard. She poured on the gas thrusting long than short. I finally had to launch the rocket.Dinner was ready I had chicken which the chefs cooked special for me. Thanks chefs.We watched a movie & I fell a sleep. The next day Phoenix incuoraged me to play with one or more of the ladies & I asked her if victoria was available. She was so we proceeded to party. It got rather loud real quick which is one hell of a turn on. I forgot me & Phoenix partied again right before that. Victoria tired me out. We watched another movie & went to tiffany's chat online. Than on & went back to room for our owen loaded tvy moment. Phoenix pied me & climbed on top of me Smushed it in.That is a wild & sexy feeling. I'm laying in the floor laughing my a*s off & think it would be funny to have jayln walk in at that time & say it's your turn.When it was her turn. We walked in the room & she said someone has been having fun so we went to a joining room where it was clean. Me & Jayln got noisy to. I thanked her & walked her back across the parking lot. Than Phoenix took another turn on me & tried to stick a penis plug in me but I chicken out. She did get me off one more time before flying home.Thank You Phoenix,victoria, Jayln, & the other ladies for a very erotic & fun time!!!


Hot damn Caveman you had loads of fun fun fun all power to yaz!!! :)


Happy Happy Birthday!!!  :D  :-*  Caveman hope i made all your B-day wishes come true (for this trip anyway) looking forwared to doing it again  ;).......Godbless ya


This Birthday & than some Lol!!! I'll just be glad when the skin heels up on Mr winky!!! Thank You & until next time :-* :-* :-* :-X :-X :P ;D ;) :) Godbless Ya