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Teenie Reviews

Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Dec 03, 2022, 08:31 PM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

Review - First-time brothel visit, and Teenie gave me memories to cherish until I can visit again. Lovely girl with a bombshell body. 2022-11-16
Review - This review is long overdue. I saw Teenie in August. She was beautiful wearing this blue bathing suit, with a blue headpiece with jewels around her eyes. She captured me with her siren call as soon as I walked in. After chatting briefly, I knew I was ready. After a short negotiation, we agreed, and we were off. Let me tell you. It was better than Disney World. Her skin is amazingly soft and smooth. Her body dances with yours, and it's pure magic. This beautiful woman is worth every single penny and then some. I will be back, and thank you, Teenie 2022-11-06

Review - I worked in Reno in March and decided to check out the ranch. I was a little nervous at first. After talking to a few of the ladies, I decided on teenie. She has the tightest little ass and a great set of tits. Very easy to talk to. She had only been there a few months. I will certainly be going back. 2022-09-14

Review -  Spending time with Teenie was terrific. She's easy to get comfortable with. She has lots of layers. Don't hesitate to spend time with her. 2022-09-14

Review - Teenie was unique, a great sport, sensationally beautiful, and took good care of me. 2022-05-09