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2023 Review for Vera Bliss

Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Feb 14, 2023, 02:54 AM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

Review - Vera Bliss was beyond my fantasy expectations. I knew she would be fun, but she teased me with her panties before putting them inside herself and leaving them over my face before moving on to things that were even more mind-blowing.
Review - I had the opportunity to party with Vera Bliss. We had a great party, even though I arrived at the very end of her shift. This was a second party with this young lady. This young lady is a delight to be around. Beautiful, sexy, and a smile to die for. She makes you feel so special and relaxed. She is so sweet and kind. One can never go wrong with her. After the party, she sat with me while I had breakfast for about 45 minutes, even though her shift was over. You can't go wrong with her. Hopefully, I'm looking forward to another party with her again someday. 2023-01-28
Review - Vera Bliss is the most amazing woman l have ever been with!! I could never get enough of her!! I had a one in lifetime best experience with her! I'm not kidding! Glad I don't live in Reno! I would be bankrupt! Not even joking about this girl!
Review - Miss Bliss was the most fantastic time. She was very professional in every way! In a way that made me feel at ease and at home in every way! She is genuine in every way! I made history with this young lady! I cant wait to see her again! 2023-01-17

Review - Spent a decent amount of time with Vera Bliss aand it was such a great time. Hope to come back sooner rather than later. C 2023-01-13

Review - I spent my 62 birthday with Vera Bliss. Her incredibly 100 percent perfect body, one word amazing, first got my attention. Vera does everything possible; she goes above and beyond to ensure I had the best sexual experience I could have dreamed of. Her efforts were non-stop to make sure I had a fantastic time, and I did. Bill 2023-01-08


Use caution.... Vera is very addictive!

Vera Bliss

I'll have you cumming back for more and more 😉


Vera you had me cumming back for more and more all weekend!  Now it's three days later and I'm jonesing for more.

Geyser Soze

DM2 et al,
Yes, Ms. Vera Bliss is quite the cutie. Perfect "Greek Goddess" body and curves, all natural, plus such a positive and 'eager to please' persona. I've partied with her three times, not since last Jan 2022, and we have always mutually worked up a sweat then some very nice cuddling and conversation. Jacuzzi time also very special with her. Full package for sure.
Geyser Soze
Geysor Soze aka "One of the Usual Suspects".

Vera Bliss

DM2- You know where I'll be at when your ready for more!😉

Geyser- Love that you think of me as a Greek goddess, I have also been referred to the artist Botticelli and Patty Banister for their very pale skin and faces. Look them up if you haven't and I am always eager to please!🥰
Can't believe it's been over a year now since we last partied, man does time fly! I think you're overdue for another great time with me!



Hey  beautiful... you are definitely a goddess! I tried posting pictures that proves it, but the forum keeps rejecting the upload.  The comparison is uncanny!

I emailed the photo to you... maybe you have better luck posting it.  See you in June

Vera Bliss

Thank you! 🥰 Can't wait to see you again and party with you, we always have a great time!



So much fun seeing you again... can't wait till next time 😈 😘