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Mark your calendars!

Started by Olivia Lush, Feb 15, 2023, 12:46 AM

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Olivia Lush

Your favorite Brazilian Delight will be back at the Mustang Ranch pretty soon

I've finally set my return date to the World Famous Mustang Ranch.
I am happy to inform you that I'll be available for a week from March 23rd to 30th and am already taking appointments for this visit.

I am a low volume provider and my dance card has a tendency of getting booked up fast. If you would like to celebrate spring with me ,don't hesitate and contact me on ASAP so we can start planning our delicious rendezvous.

What shall we do?

The possibilities are endless. From mouthwatering lovemaking by the fireplace, to fun bubble baths, relaxing body massage, romantic dinner dates, enjoyable outdates in town to exploring all that Tahoe has to offer.
I am your safe port, the person you can be your true self with. Leave your troubles outside and come unwind and relax with me.

Would you like to know more about me, the experiences I offer and much more? Check out my website

Can't wait to make some memories with you...
Delightfully Yours,
Olivia Lush
Delightfully Yours,
Olivia Lush

Mustang 8/17-27

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