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Started by OldPaint, Oct 13, 2023, 02:45 PM

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I had floated the idea to the wife a year or two back and this past August we made it happen.  Her interest was really just to be a voyeur rather than a couple party.  Having lurked here for a while (and just recently getting my access), there was a lot of useful information I was able to glean.  So thanks to all the veterans for sharing.

I corresponded with Piper and we had our date set, but when we arrived she was unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.  Madame Tara gave us that news, and that Chelsea London would pinch-hit (as Piper had shared with her what we wanted to do).  Obviously this was unexpected, then Chelsea sauntered up to meet us and oh man, there was no disappointment there!  So we were off to our first ever negotiation, which when you've never done it is a bit intimidating.  Turns out it isn't really that difficult (even with the wife having a very firm limit).  We were off to the dungeon, where my wife was very happy with the jacuzzi and the view.  I have a mild foot fetish that Chelsea may have turned into a major one!  As things progressed eventually the wife was inspired to come have a seat on my face.  Everyone had a very good time.

My wife had been a bit skeptical about how this would all go down, and even I wasn't sure, since this was a first time for me too.  In particular, she had been worried about it being sketchy; she was very impressed by the security, and the friendliness from all of the staff.  We left and she started talking about the NEXT visit.  It was that good.  From there we were off to Burning Man, and after that, I suggested dropping by the Ranch to see if we could just have a social call with Piper and have lunch there.  Well, the website had Piper on the schedule but she wasn't actually there.  OK, we still got lunch - we recommend the Wild Mustang burger.  Ayana was at the bar and the picture of her on horseback came up and I asked her if she actually rides (as we own horses ourselves).  She joined us as we ate and we chatted.  She so charmed my wife that my wife suggested we go talk a party.  So we did, and Ayana was wonderful - even throwing in a couple of creative twists we hadn't discussed.

The only problem now is figuring out who we'll party with next (as a repeat party with Chelsea or Ayana, or both is very appealing, but Piper is still in my head and there a few other ladies that look like fun)!  I guess that's a good problem to have.


Great review!
Careful the Ladies can get addicting!
Many Great Ladies in the house. Piper is a sweetheart & Ayana is a "Buddy" of mine, very cool &  down to earth. I've not had the pleasure of Chelsea's company yet beyond casual chats in the bar but she has always been kind, cool & of course a sexy!

Look forward to more reports on your adventures! an independent message board dedicated to LPIN where clients and Courtesans can interact


Quote from: SixT9er on Oct 13, 2023, 05:23 PM

Careful the Ladies can get addicting!

Yeah, we live on the wrong side of the Rockies to be visiting too often.  Once, maybe twice a year.  It sure would be nice to be closer, but bad for the finances.


Glad you had a good time.  Thanks for the report.
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It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.


I enjoyed reading your review. I never partied with Chelsea but she is a very beautiful lady. However, I have partied twice with Piper and multiple times with Ayana. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that Ayana is one of my ATF ladies. One thing that I would suggest is whether you select Chelsea or Ayana, let them have a lot of latitude in helping to select another lady. Both of them know which ladies they have the best chemistry with. I recently spent 3 days with Ayana and we talked about a 2-girl party. Ayana suggested Nola Blu for a short 2 girl party, and I quickly realized that she was the ideal choice. In fact, I made an appointment with her in December. My suggestion is to stick with one of the ladies who you partied with and let her guide the selection of another lady. Just my suggestion but I hope that you have a wonderful time.


Something that I should also mention is that Ayana and Chelsea were both finalists in this year's Courtesan of the Year voting.