My Introduction to a Beautiful Exotic lady

Started by Southerner, Jan 20, 2024, 01:03 AM

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I was spending 3 days at the Mustang Ranch last June with the wonderful Rachel Varga and we were about to enter the Lounge when a beautiful young exotic looking lady held the door for us. I was immediately attracted to her, and Rachel told me that her name is Paisley. A little later Rachel introduced us, and we talked for a little bit. Our paths seemed to constantly cross during the evening but since I was leaving the Ranch at 4:00am the next morning, I wasn't able to schedule anything with her. However, when I returned in July, I was able to spend a couple hours partying with Paisley. I rarely party with new ladies but there was something about her that told me to make an exception. I had a wonderful time with her. She is not only a very accommodating lover but fun to be with. Unfortunately, our schedules didn't align again until December when I scheduled a 2-hour party with her for the evening of my arrival. I met her in the lounge, and we talked, and she basically seduced me. We had an amazing 2 hours of partying that evening, and I was so impressed with her that I already arranged for a full day with Paisley when I return in April. Paisley's an amazing item to knock off your bucket list. While I thought that she was of Asian descent she is actually a Chiricahua Apache. You can't miss with her so don't wait to make an appointment.