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Just saying 💕

Started by Ayana, Apr 21, 2024, 03:58 AM

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I saw a Quote on a wall today that touched me and made me fuzzy inside.

             "Beneath the make-up and Behind the smile,
                          I am a Girl that wishes for the world"
                                  -Maryln Monroe

It moved me and Represents many many more ❤️

For those who know me  :P  :P (you already know this about me)  and those I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting  ;)  :P

I look forward to connecting XXX

I'm a very spiritual lady and I believe the universe moves in strange ways to center us back to " Love"  :P   :P   :P  8)

Thank You for All your continued Support and Love ❤️  ;D  ;D

Sweet Texas Tea-Everything is Sweeter in Texas!


Classy post from a classy lady.

Thanks Ayana!


Agreed indeed, classy post, classy lady, always follow your dreams, always look forward and never, never, never give-up 


I look forward to seeing you again.


I haven't partied with her but I saw her and she is smashing. Maybe Ayana and Rachel would be a good two lady party.