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Venus on 10/29/22

Started by jakesterjjj, Oct 31, 2022, 05:52 PM

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Made my periodic trip to Reno for a little bit if gambling, food and extra fun. I always check the lineups on all the boards looking for new names to meet and greet.

Had my eye on Venus' pictures on the website but of course a lot of ladies don't show their face.

It was the Halloween party so there were a lot of guys just hanging out eating the wonderful food spread.

They had a lineup called and afterwards a pretty asian petite lady walked in and sat down.  I just happened to walk over near her.  Venus was her name and she sat down with me and we talked a bit. 

After we got to know each other a bit I asked her to go behind the green door.  Negotiations where quick and off to the party we went.  What a cute and sexy lady she is.  Details will remain between us but I had a wonderful time with her and had enough time to give her a massage and enjoy her body in a different way.

Thanks Venus,



I ain't askin no body for nothing if I can't get it on my own
So if you don't like the way I am livin then leave this long haired country boy alone !!


It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.