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Party with Victoria

Started by johann, Apr 23, 2014, 08:53 AM

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I got up to the Mustang Ranch recently, and had the good fortune to party with Victoria.

She was sitting in the bar when I walked in, and we soon struck up a conversation.  I definitely liked her easy going nature, and after chatting for a while I discovered we had quite a few common interests.  Since we got along so well, I decided I'd like to party with her, and so we headed back to "room number two."

Negotiations were quick and easy and we were soon set up in one of the suites.  Victoria is one sexy lady, and she gives an incredible party.  I can't say too much, but you can be certain that I had a great time, enjoying every minute of the action.

In between times, we cuddled up and chatted some more, and that is where things became really special.  We'd already hit it off in the bar, and the chemistry just got better and better.  Victoria is a totally classy lady all around.

If you're visiting the Mustang, you owe it to yourself to party with Victoria, and you can be sure she's high on my list of ladies for my next trip to the Mustang.


She has been on my to-do list for too long.   I usually party in the evenings, after her shift and end up missing her :(  Maybe 2014 is the time?


Victoria is one of my all-time favorite ladies. We partied twice last week, including on the morning of her birthday. That was an especially memorable party, even by Victoria's high standards.
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I agree with you Gentlemen. I recently had the Pleasure of playing with Victoria  for the first time. This Lady is defiantly  a Sexy, Beautiful, Classy and  gives one hell of a Great Party!!!!! I recommend cumming and Playing with Ms.Victoria :)
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Awww! Thank you for the wonderful reviews!  Johann, I had a wonderful time with you that day!