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Started by Wayne, Sep 08, 2018, 01:10 PM

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With the new system I miss the the bio of the girls. This would help me pick before I get there. :)


The number of pictures per lady dropped as well.  That's disappointing.  I still miss Roxanne's portfolio of pics where it was like a slide show of her pleasuring herself.  Those are still my ATF pictures from the site.   Stupid me - I should have saved those ones.  I understand a lot of the ladies have their own sites where we can find more pics but as far as I'm concerned the site can't have too many pics.


Yes, while I do like that there are videos for most ladies now. A bio, with height, measurements, likes, dislikes, etc., would be a great addition. 



Thanks Kitti, Noticed Olivia also put up a Bio.

I wish all of the ladies would do so.......

World Famous Mustang Ranch

I'm working on it!


Olivia Lush

I have a bio, stats , reviews, several pictures, 3 videos as well as my future visiting dates  listed on my profile page

Check it out! It might be a delightful bed time reading...

For more pictures, videos, blog posts, calendar, wishlist and much more, visit my website

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We are definitely working on that😘