Luna - Sunday fun day GFE

Started by Adventure Guy, Mar 08, 2020, 01:26 AM

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Adventure Guy

Party #1

I had noticed Luna from her Twitter account back in November.  Having kept in contact with her during the past few months I was hoping one of my trips to the Reno area would coincide with her tour schedule.  Finally I got word that her schedule would line up with my upcoming February trip.  So the day I finally drove up to the ranch I got all the way to about 1/4 mile to the ranch when I had to come to a complete stop because a train was just sitting (not moving) on the tracks blocking the road to the ranch.  After about 10 minutes of just sitting there I was wondering if this was a sign that my meeting with Luna was not to be.  After another few minutes the train started to move both forward and then backwards finally unblocking the road so the line of cars ahead of me could get through.  Finally arriving at the ranch I walked in and went to the bar.  I asked the bartender if Luna was around and he mentioned she would be out in a few minutes so I got a seat and waited.  Right before Luna came out another lady approached me so I tried as graciously as possible to talk with another lady while trying to figure out if Luna would come over toward me.  Since Luna saw me talking with another lady she went to a different table to talk with a couple other guys.  So I asked the lady if she would introduce me to Luna.  After awhile the lady got Luna's attention and conveyed the message.  Luna then came over and gave me a nice hug.  She was gorgeous and looked amazing in her sexy outfit.  I mentioned who I was as I had never met her in person before and then we sat down for some great conversation.  Getting to know Luna and her interests helped me figure out we had connection/chemistry.  She has a very interesting and fascinating background.  After some drinks and lots of interesting conversation we went to another room for negotiations.  Negotiation went pretty quick so we then headed to her room.

My party with Luna was awesome - very passionate, sensual and fun!  We had so much fun it really messed up her hair (she has a special term for it) which I took full responsibility for with a big grin.              


Thank you! I had a really good time and I'm glad you did too!