Rachel Varga Review

Started by Triptotahoe, Dec 16, 2023, 06:33 AM

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Back for the first time in a while.  Made an appointment with the hall of famer herself.  Sat down for a nice 20 minute talk over a few drinks before we went back to negotiate.  I had a fair budget, she made the negotiation stress free and simple. 

She is out of this world. Started with a Mind-erasing blowjob. After I finished during some great sex she didn't rush me out the door; we still had time on the clock and she made sure I enjoyed every minute with a hot bath and plenty of time with her amazing boobs.  Best experience I've ever had and an absolute professional; came back the next day for a repeat performance.


You see why she is the best!
Can never go wrong with Rachel!
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You made a very excellent choice. My experiences with Rachel have been the same wonderful time. As I have stated before I really enjoy and look forward to our visits in the lounge before and after our bedroom visits but the bedroom visits are the greatest


I have never had the honor of partying with Rachel but have double dated with her several times.  She is a blast to be out with for sure.
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It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.