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The Vagina Game

Started by Jagged, Apr 17, 2014, 05:36 AM

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Here a fun game with a play on a word .
    It is called  The Vagina Game.
Take a  movie  or TV title with two or more words in it and replace it with the word Vagina.


The Vagina Syndrome    ((  China))

Vagina Encounters of the Third Kind    (( Close))

The Fantastic Vagina    (( Four))

One Flew Over the Vagina's Nest    (( Cuckoo;s))

Invasion of the Vagina Snatchers     ((Body))

Three Men and a Vagina     ((Baby))

Star TreK II:  The Wrath of Vagina    ((Khan))

Star Trek III: The Search for Vagina  (( Spock))

Vagina Wars     ((Star))

Star Wars Episode V: The Vagina Strikes Back    (( Empire))

Indiana Jones and the Last Vagina    (( Crusade))

Harry Vagina and the Sorcerer's Stone    ((Potter))

Harry  Vagina  &  the Chamber of Vaginas   ((Potter))   (( Secrets))


The Rocky Vagina Picture Show     ((Horror))

Buffy The Vagina Slayer   ((Vampire))

12 Years a Vagina   ((Slave))

How Stella Got Her Vagina Back    (( Groove))

Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon  Vagina   ((Dragon))

Enter the Vagina    ((Dragon))

The Vagina of Steel    (( Man))

The Dark Vagina Rises   ((  Knight))

Out of Vagina    (( Africa))

Grumpy Old Vagina    (( Men))


The Hunt for  Red Vagina  (( October))

The Green Vagina  (( Mile))

An American Werewolf in Vagina   (( London))

Michael j.

Fantastic Vagina ((Voyage))
Michael J.


A Vagina to Remember ((night))


The Big Vagina  ((Bus))
Six Days Seven Vaginas  ((Nights))
The Fourth Vagina ((Protocol))


The scent of a vagina. (Woman)
A vagina called Wanda. (Fish)


Back to the Vagina ((Future))


Pretty Vagina (Woman)


Prospector Bob

Blazing Vaginas  (Saddles)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Vagina  (World)

The Vaginas Are Coming the Vaginas Are Coming  (Russians)

Big Red Vagina  (One)

Killer Vaginas from Outer Space  (Klowns)

The trick is growing up without growing old. -- Casey Stengal


Vagina Texas Rangers ( walker)


It's a Wonderful Vagina ((Life))


To Kill a Vagina ((Mockingbird))