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Started by ChicagoBob, Jul 25, 2019, 06:52 PM

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You will kick yourself forever if you miss Luna!  Where do I start?  5'2", long blonde hair down to her ass, face of an angel, Size 2 spinner.  A perfect "10" with a cute, rockin' booty and a rack that is absolute perfection!  Along with looks, brains, and sexy - comes a skill set that blew me away.  She taught THIS old horn dog some new tricks! 

I had been to the awards earlier in the night and wandered into the Mustang about midnight.  I had a few drinks to loosen up and then I saw her standing across the crowded hazy bar and I made a bee line to introduce myself.  We grabbed more drinks and headed to the corner to chat.  After about an hour, we were getting very comfortable with each other and she says let's do some shots!  My brain said to me, Bob this is a bad decision!   There's something about Tequila shots that makes me question my good sense.  We down two rounds at the bar within 5 minutes of each.  I'm still standing, so we order another!  We then go to negotiate... (if that's what you call it).  She closes the door, and I lay out my budget.  I was expecting a fast walk back to the bar.  She then pushed me down on the couch, jumps on top of me, and whispers in my ear, let's go!  We go ahead and book, grab another round, and head to the bedroom. 

All I could think about was hang on tight.  I wasn't wrong!  Luna turned out to be multi-orgasmic and a true squirter!  She's into BDSM and all kinds of kink!   This girl is better than the rollercoaster at Disneyland!  A new twist at every curve!

If you're looking for the real deal, give this one a try.  You won't be disappointed! 
5 Stars - Chicago Bob Approved!  ;)


Wow! I also enjoyed the time we spent together. It is very true that I enjoy some kinky things. I really like having conversations. It helps me understand what you like and then, if possible, we can try some of the things you like out.

I can't help but to Orgasm as Sex is so good to me, I love it! When I get to know someone and there is time to fully enjoy, I can squirt for sure!