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Betty Page

Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Sep 28, 2019, 05:08 AM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

Betty is absolutely wonderful! She is even prettier than her pictures. She is also intelligent, sweet, affectionate, and very skillful. I partied with her the first time on Thursday and again on Friday. I plan to see her again soon!



I was able to see Betty recently, too - Did you know she could sing, too? We spent time in the bar on Friday when the music duo who entertains live let her sing. My heart melted when she sang for me. Then we melted each other in her bedroom it was so hot! I can't wait to see her again...

Betty Page

Thank you so much for spending time with me and experiencing some wonderful music with me. I'm so glad that you love my boys! I really have a lot of fun singing with the wonderful duo that comes here to sing. They are so talented! I can't wait to get another experience like that again, it's wonderful to be able to just let your hair down and experience romantic music, romantic settings, with Romantic friends!❤️ Xoxo