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Ayana 10-17

Started by highlander, Oct 22, 2019, 07:22 AM

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I arrived a little early to have dinner because as many know they have excellent food. As I was enjoying my meal I was planning on taking my time before chatting up a lady and watching the baseball game while the live music played.

Ayana happened to be at a nearby table and she started talking me up and asked that if I would trust her we could make it work. We went to talk and the number I offered was perfect she said. Ayana took the lead for the party which is just fine with me. I don't like sharing too many details but this was my first experience with DATY and 69 :o. It was definitely a great experience for me and Ayana kept questioning whether I was telling her the truth about it being a first for me (I liked the ego boost from that). Ayana was very gracious with her time even when time had been called she offered to give me a massage before leaving which I gladly accepted. I cannot praise her enough for turning the night into one to be remembered.

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I can agree with " everything " you said.
I ain't askin no body for nothing if I can't get it on my own
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It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.

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Highlander, I'm envious...I constantly dream of the exquisite Ayana and spending hours pleasuring her with DATY ! :D


I love that once a year I have to google what DATY means
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