What happened ever to ____ ? a case of Missing Courtesans

Started by Slayer, Dec 30, 2020, 04:22 PM

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What ever happened to Victoria . She was Great and fun to Party with


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Rather than starting a new topic. That probably won't be read anyway.

There is a lady listed as Atlantis in the picture lineup.
New girl??? Or is she the same girl that hasn't toured at Mustang since Maybe 2018.

I never actually booked with her, but the girl that went by Atlantis back then rumor had it she had a real freaky side.

Her and Belle way back when said they wanted to tag team a guy in the hallway of the original mustang building way back when.

Back when Atlantis and Belle were actually floating thisc crazy idea. I had access to more party funds back in those days if Belle and Atlantis had been willing to wait an hour they might have convinced me it was a good idea. I might bit.🤣🤣

Anyway if that is not just some generic picture for her profile.

The lady may very well be a new Atlantis.

If however it is by chance it is the Atlantis from the past.  I would like to talk to her in the bar for about 5 minutes just to find out If she ever pulled off that Crazy two girl party idea.😆😆  She probably could resurect that idea in some form. Lena could step in for Belle maybe, and I think that  Bigfoot would probably be down for that kind of action.😉 Don't deny it Bigfoot buddy I still remember what you threw out there one trip back in 2019.  So trust me a two girl sex in the hallway party or something similar to a hallway is right in your wheelhouse buddy.😉😁😆